Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park

In our PTZ livecam there is the famous Great Smoky Mountains National Park, located at the junction of two US states: Tennessee and North Carolina. Such as unusual name the park got due to mist covering the mountain ranges of the reserve.

The park of the Great Smoky Mountains, where the online camera is located, appeared in the early 20th century, although the terrain is more than a billion years old. With a view to save the unique nature of the park, visible in the live broadcast, in the 30s of the 20th century on the southern slopes of Appalachia was created a national park, included into UNESCO World Heritage list. The reserve area is more than 2000 sq. Km.

The southern ridge of the Great Smoky Mountains you see in online camera is taken over by the Takashigi Mountain River.

The flora and fauna of the Smoky Mountains, whose panorama is well shown by the webcam, amazes with its diversity and beauty. There are about 130 species of plants, including: yellow birch, silvery lindens, chestnuts, maples, oaks, poplars and beeches. But the real forest kingdom originates in the wilds, where perennial deciduous trees drown in epiphytes and lianas. Further, there are coniferous thickets appear on the slopes of the Appalachians. Higher, on the altitude of 1500 m above sea level, there are subalpine shrubs only.

The dense vegetation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in our live stream and favorable climate became an excellent environment for the large number of mammals and rare bird species emergence. Interesting, but large predatory animals do not live here, there are foxes and red wolves only.

The most important animal species here is a rare black bear. Also, there is a large number of salamanders in the Great Smoky Mountains Reserve, where there is an online broadcast.

Enjoy the sights of the Great Smoky Mountains Park in our web camera from the long walking route – Appalachian Trail. Passing through it, tourists admire the forest and mountain beauties, rivers and waterfalls.

The most popular touristic place is the inhabited Cherokee Indian village.

Enjoy the panorama of the national park that you see online most conveniently from a special observation platform located on the highest point of the reserve.

Besides interesting sightseeing routes, tourists can actively entertain riding bicycles or electric cars, try themselves in horse riding, go for a foot walk or have a picnic.

In the area of the national park in the panoramic webcam there are settlements, created by the local Indians in the 19th century. All villages are important historical monuments. For example, the Indian village in Cades Cove. Besides it, there are the village of Noah Ogle and a small town near Oconaluftee, where archaeological excavations still are carried out.

The amazing and unique Great Smoky Mountains Reserve, which is clearly visible online, is included in the list of objects protected by the United States. The national parks service maintains the good condition of the entire park, taking care of its flora and fauna.


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