Mar Chiquita Lake

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Lake Mar Chiquita

In this webcam you can see Mar Chiquita (“little sea”), a large drainless salt lake located in the northeastern part of the province of Cordoba, Argentina. The reservoir in the online camera is the largest natural salt lake in the country.

Since the depth of Mar Chiquita Lake in the live broadcast is very small, its area varies greatly from 2 to 4.5 thousand km2. The lagoon, as the locals call the lake, is located in a depression measuring 80×45 km.

Basically, Mar Chiquita in the web camera is fed by the salty waters of the Rio Dulce River, which flows from the province of Santiago del Estero, connecting in the north with Rio Saladillo. The territory in the lower reaches of the Rio Dulce and Mar Chiquita is swampy, also, a variety of fauna live here (many waterfowl). From the southwest side, the lake in live feed is periodically fed by the Rio Primero and Rio Segundo rivers, which flow from the Sierras de Córdoba Mountains, as well as several streams.

From 1976 to 1981, there were changes in the coastline of Mar Chiquita in the online camera. A large amount of precipitation affected the water level in the lake, raising it by 8 m. For this reason, the resort town of Miramar was almost flooded. In 2003 there was another flood. Since then, the city has gradually come to life.

Currently, Mar Chiquita Lake, which you see in the live camera, is slowly drying up due to a decrease in water inflow and an increase in evaporation. The salinity of the lake varies greatly from 29 g/l in a wet year to 275 g/l during low water.

On the south coast of the lake in live broadcast there is the aforementioned Miramar resort, a popular tourist destination.

The northern coast of Mar Chiquita in the online camera is occupied by a large salt marsh (a type of soil with easily soluble salts). Dust storms carry its particles hundreds of kilometers around. According to forecasts, after 400-500 years, the reservoir will disappear, turning into a salt marsh.

Lake Mar Chiquita shown online is a nesting site for such magnificent birds as Chilean flamingos, Blue herons and Patagonian gulls. The reservoir is home to 350 species of waterfowl and various animals. Ornithologists from all over South America tend to Mar Chiquita, demonstrated in the webcam.

The authorities of Cordoba, where the online stream is conducted from, are diligently raising the Miramar resort. Now the city is being actively restored at the expense of the state, local tourism is developing.

Lakes of Argentina

In Argentina with this web camera most of the large lakes are located in the south of the country – in the “Lake District”Patagonia. There are more than 400 lakes in the foothills of the Andes and Patagonia. The largest bodies of water are Mar Chiquita in this online camera, Buenos Aires, Argentino, San Martin and Viedma. By the way, Mar Chiquita is the fifth largest steppe lake on the planet. The main part of the Patagonian lakes is of glacial origin. Lakes in the northern part of Argentina are mostly salty.

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