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In this webcam there is one of the most striking natural attractions of Greece – the Meteora Mountains. As can be clearly seen in the live broadcast, Meteora are massive rocks, 600 meters above sea level.

On top of the majestic mountain ranges, perfectly shown in the online camera, there is one of the most important shrines of Greece – the Monasteries of Meteora. Back in the 12th century, these inaccessible rocks served as an ascetics’ refuge. The first monastic communities appeared here in the 14th century.

In the past, it was possible to climb on Meteora only with monks help and a special system of ropes, baskets, carts and horse-drawn power. Now an excellent asphalt road leads from the city of Kalambaka to the monasteries, leading to unique frescoes and libraries with medieval manuscripts, icons and priceless relics.

Meteora Monasteries

The Meteora, where the webcam is aimed at, represent the largest monastic complex located on the tops of the cliffs.

Agiu Nikolaou Anapavsa (St. Nicholas) Monastery was founded around 1500 by Metropolitan Larissa Dionysius. The main temple was painted by Cretan origin artist Theophanes Strelitza (Theophanes Bathas).

Roussanou Monastery, founded in 1545 by brothers Ioasaph and Maximos, is rich in magnificent paintings. Inside there are a carved and gilded wooden altar, amazing icons and precious stands for icons and books.

Varlaam Monastery appeared in 1517 under Theophanes and Nektarios of Apsara. The author of the frescoes in main cathedral of the monastery is Franco Catalano, a famous artist of the post-Byzantine period. The monastery keeps a large collection of the rarest manuscripts, carved wooden crosses, relics, shrouds and icons embroidered with gold.

Agia Triada Monastery is attracted by its chapel, which can be reached on foot along 140 steps carved into the rock.

Megalo Meteoron Monastery or Great Meteoro Monastery, was founded around 1400 by the greatest ascetic in the history of Orthodox monasticism – Athanasius Meteorites. In 1552 the famous master Theophanes worked there. His frescoes are the best examples of post-Byzantine monumental painting. A large number of valuable icons from the 14th and 16th centuries are collected in the temple premises, and the monastery museum is located in the old refectory.

The only woman convent of Meteor in this online live camera is the Monastery of Agiou Stefanou (St. Stephen). The most valuable relics are kept in the monastery, including the head of the saint, presented to the monks by the ruler of Wallachia, Vladislav.

The beautiful Meteora that you see in the webcam, due to its Christian, historical, architectural and geological significance, are included into UNESCO World Organization as a human heritage and is under protection.

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