Seven Falls

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Seven Falls

Seven Falls, which you can see well online, is the series of seven cascading waterfalls of South Cheyenne Creek, located in South Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado Springs, Colorado. The falls are beautifully illuminated in darkness, so we advise you to watch the live broadcast at night.

Seven Falls, where our webcam is located, is a private tourist attraction, opened in the early 1880s. Trails from the top of the falls lead to Midnight Falls (another name of the Seven Falls), located near the headwaters of the South Cheyenne Spring and Inspiration Point.

Seven Falls, well-shown in an online camera, run along the Front Range ridge. The scenic road from the South Cheyenne Canyon to the Seven Falls is called “The Grandest Mile of Scenery”.

The beautiful waterfall itself, where the live stream is conducted, is located in a granite canyon 300 meters high. Just inside the entrance to the Seven Falls with our webcam there are “Pillars of Hercules” rock formations, whose height is 270 m from the floor of the canyon. Across from the Pillars of Hercules, there is a cliff – George Washington profile.

The total height of all Seven Falls that you can see in the online camera is 55 meters. The staircase going from the base of the waterfall to its top has 224 steps. An elevator is also provided. Seven Falls also has an “Eagle’s Nest” viewing platform.

Falls that are perfectly shown in live camera are named in alphabetical order: Bridal Veil, Feather, Hill, Hull, Ramona, Shorty and Weimer. Seven Falls in our webcam is Colorado’s only waterfall that is included in the National Geographic list of international waterfalls. A lot of wild animals live near this natural wonder.

Tourists visiting the Seven Falls in our online broadcast are offered interesting audio tours, also there are snack bars and gift shops. Indian dance performances occur seasonally.

Seven Falls in our webcam has two hiking trails that start at the top of the Waterfall. They are open from May through October until 19:00. The most popular and picturesque is the 1.6-kilometer long Inspiration Point Trail. This trail has a beautiful view to the city of Colorado Springs and the plains. The second trail is much shorter. It lies at the headwaters of the South Cheyenne Creek Canyon.


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