“Võru” shelter

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“Võru” shelter

There is Baltic Live Cam live stream from the Estonian shelter Võru. In the webcam you can perfectly see the dogs’ houses as also the playground where dogs take a walk and play. 

Võru animal shelter that you see online, is one of the seven shelters that comprise Animal Shelters NGO. It is situated in the southern part of Estonia. The shelter annually hosts about 3500 pets, mainly cats and dogs.

The shelter with the web camera, works to reunite a lot of pets with their owners as well as to rehome those in need. The organization, displayed online, also strives to decrease the number of the new-born pets in streets by not only neutering but also by educating people and taking part in different campaigns. Several municipalities also help the organization by organizing campaigns for chipping pets.

As always, every pet that is admitted to the shelter in the live cam, gets all necessary treatments: vaccinations, micro chipping and anti-parasite treatment.

With the help of donators, every adult pet gets neutered before adoption. There is a small clinic room in the shelter and a veterinary who examines all the pets taken in and performs surgeries.

Võru animal shelter, where the live broadcast comes from, is a partner of local municipalities. However, if possible, the shelter supports individuals as well if their living conditions do not allow to keep pets.

The motto is “Every pet must have a home”.

You also can help animals in the Võru animal shelter, shown in online cam. Just to to the shelters’s homepage in the Animalslife.net project and choose the feed they need.

Watch Baltic Live Cam live stream and help animals from Võru shelter!


Baltic Live Cam has also more webcams online at other shelters all over the world. For example: Tamaz shelter in Georgia, Tallinn animal shelter in Estonia, “Dobry dom” shelter in  Russia, Labās Mājas shelter in Latvia.