“Dobrij Dom” shelter

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“Dobrij Dom” shelter

There is a live stream from “Dobrij Dom” shelter in Khabarovsk with the opportunity to see the little predators life, follow how they play, communicate with the visitors and shelter’s staff. Baltic Live Cam web camera is located in the well-equipped room.

“Dobry Dom”, where the live stream comes from, is a regional public organization in Khabarovsk involved in the protection of homeless animals, was founded in August 2007. The organization is mainly aimed at supporting homeless animals who are in a difficult situation. “Dobry Dom” in the web camera, provides the animals with essential medical services, temporary home and assistance in finding a new family. The organization is funded by private donations and sponsorship.

“Dobry Dom” with this webcam, does not own a shelter, a special territory or an office. The organization, where the online camera is located, uses the services of the so-called “temporary shelters”. A temporary shelter you see online, provides short-term accommodation for animals until they are adopted to a new family. Since the resources of the organization are limited, the organization houses mainly traumatized animals unable to stay out and survive on their own. These are animals injured in traffic accidents, animals with fractures, lacerations or gunshot wounds, etc.

Currently, the organization with the web camera, takes care of about 50 animals (cats and dogs), the majority of which lives in rented accommodation, which costs about 4,000 rubles per month (the cost of medicine and veterinary services excluded). Some of the animals are kept in free shelters but they also receive financial support from “Dobry Dom”. The organizations supplies food, medicine and other necessary attributes to this kind of shelters.

Each of the animals sheltered by “Dobry Dom” in the live camera, has a unique life story full of pain and suffering. Many of them are maimed; some are still being treated; some are medically assigned veterinary diets, while others have to take medicine for the rest of their lives. To view the life stories of each of these poor animals online, you can visit the website of the organization.

The organization had its own program: Preferential Sterilization of Animals. Thanks to this program, more than 1,000 homeless animals were sterilized during the period of 2014-2016. According to “Dobry Dom” in the online footage, at the moment it is perhaps the only humane way of controlling the number of homeless animals. However, due to the lack of funding and high prices for veterinary services, the organization was forced to stop the program.

For this reason, “Dobry Dom” in the webcam, together with Animals Life NET, calls out to people who are not indifferent to the lives of homeless animals to contribute to the fundraising for the sterilization of animals.

To help shelter “Dobrij Dom” you can online, just click on the shelter’s “Dobrij Dom” homepage and choose the necessary products. All feeds will be delivered to the shelter.


Watch Baltic Live Cam live stream from the shelter “Dobrij Dom” and help animals!

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