“Lesnoy pryut” Animals shelter

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“Lesnoy pryut” Animals shelter

Baltic Live Cam  live stream perfectly demonstrates the cozy and nice cat room. In the webcam you can see the cat houses, toys and beds.  

Charitable fund for helping homeless animals “Lesnoy Priyut” (“The Forest Shelter”), where the live stream comes from, has started its work in August 2009. The fund has been created in order to help homeless, abandoned and sick animals. Right now, the shelter in the webcam, homes about 200 pets – both cats and dogs. All of the animals are taken care of by the workers and volunteers, who strive to ensure that the living, medical care and socialization conditions for pets are as comfortable as possible.

All of the animals that arrive at the shelter you see in live camera, are sterilized and vaccinated. It is a private shelter and is not funded by state or municipality, that’s why any help will be received here with open arms. An important task for the shelter’s workers is to hand the pets over to secure and loving new owners. Most of the shelter’s inhabitants you can observe online, have been domestic pets, but were thrown out on the street or have been lost, that is why “The Forest Shelter” aims at providing a better, happy life for the pets. Since its opening, 1293 animals have found a new home.

Apart from handling the shelter in the live footage, and the animals living there, the shelter is always striving to enlighten people about the humane and responsible attitude towards pets, as well as to consult animal owners about pet care.

You can support the shelter in this web camera, as well, by buying the needed products, which will be delivered to the shelter  by Animalslife.net team after the purchase.  Go to the shelter’s home page here – Lesnoy priyut  ( Forest shelter)  and look below to find out what the “The Forest Shelter” needs and don’t forget to tell your friends about the opportunity to help the animals.

Watch the funny Baltic Live Cam live stream and do not miss the interesting moments of the cats life.


Baltic Live Cam has also more webcams online at other shelters all over the world. For example: Tamaz shelter in Georgia, Tallinn animal shelter in Estonia, “Dobry dom” shelter in  Russia, Labās Mājas shelter in Latvia.