“Rifugio di Villotta” shelter

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“Rifugio di Villotta” shelter

Baltic Live Cam webcam online is located in the Italian shelter Rifugio di Villotta. There is a playground where you can see the dogs, living at the shelter. Sometimes, there are visitors you can see online come to see the dogs. 

Rifugio di Villotta that you see in web camera, an NGO association, was founded in 1984 in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) by Dott.ssa Aurora Bozzer who decided to use her own property to give shelter to homeless animals – mostly dogs and cats. Rifugio di Villotta, where the live stream comes from, actually shelters more than 500 dogs and cats (the feline oasis was opened in August 2013 in the shelter). Besides the dogs which are kept at the expense of affiliated municipalities, the shelter hosts an average of a hundred dogs saved from various situations.

In fact, in the last few years hundreds of poor dogs have been taken to the shelter in the webcam, from private houses. Some have been relocated from Southern Italy, the earthquake stricken area of Abruzzo and even from countries like Romania and Bosnia.

For newly adopted animals, there is a veterinarian clinic in the shelter with this live broadcast. For visits, vaccinations and sterilizations, the clinic is available for private appointments as well at affordable prices.

The shelter, displayed online, offers services of a canine educator who helps solve the behavioral problems of the dogs. The educator helps the dog owners improve their relationship with their pets.

It is possible to help the shelter Rifugio di Villotta. Just go to the shelter’s home page – Rifugio di Villotta in the Animalslife.net project and choose the feed you would like to buy online.

Watch Baltic Live Cam live stream, see the animals and help them!


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