Hekou Guomen Port

Hekou , China
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Hekou Guomen Port

In this webcam, you see Hekou Guomen Port, located in Hekou City by the Red River in Yunnan Province. It borders the Vietnamese cities of Laojie and Guliu. It is one of the first border ports in Yunnan province, well developed and accessible to the outside world. The online camera port was opened for trade in 1897. The channel in the webcam is the most important channel in Yunnan for import and export trade.


The province of Yunnan, where the online broadcast comes from, is considered one of the most picturesque regions of the People’s Republic of China. It harmoniously combines mountains, jungles, temples, variety of reliefs, climate, nationalities, traditions and culture.

Yunnan, where the web camera is located, is the most southwestern province of China. It borders in the south with Laos and Vietnam, in the west with Myanmar, in the north with the Tibet Autonomous Region and Sichuan Province, and in the east with Guizhou Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Almost the entire territory of Yunnan is covered with mountains. In the northern part of the foothills of Tibet, especially on the Hengduan ridge, mountain peaks rise to 6740 meters. To the south, hills and valleys with fertile soils prevail.

In Yunnan, besides the Red River, which you see in live broadcast, there are such large waterways as the Yangtze and Mekong, as well as a large number of small rivers originating on the Tibetan plateau: Yuanjiang (Hongha), Nujiang (Salween) and others. The largest lake in the province is Dianchi, located near Kunming, the largest city and administrative center of Yunnan.

Yunnan featured online is rich in tea plantations. The tea regions of the province are mostly located on hills, mountain slopes and plains along rivers. There are five tea districts: Dianxi, Diannan, Dianzhong, Dyandunbey, Dianxibey.

Among the most popular tea places in Yunnan, that you see in the webcam, are the mountains Yiwu, Yiban, Yule, Nan Nuo Shan, Manzhuang , Hekai, Pasha Mountain, Mansa, Daxue Shan, Manchzhi, Chengde, Lao Ban Zhang, Bulan, Dadugan, Badakshan. Also widely known are teas from the gardens of Jing Gu, Manson, Zhenyuan, Bangwei, Wuliang, Jiangcheng, Dong Ding, Kun Lu Shan, Jing Mai Shan, Mengku, Yun Te, Feng Qing, Bao Shan Chan Nin.

Yunnan in this webcam is a unique Chinese province. Special natural conditions, diverse landscapes, different nationalities, the wonderful world of animals and plants, minerals and much more are concentrated on its territory.


Yunnan is located in tropical latitudes, but it is characterized by temperature indicators of temperate latitudes. Summer time in the province is warm and not at all hot. The winter is mild. The average temperature in July is 22 C, January is 9 C. The weather forecast in Yunnan province for 7 days is available on our website online.

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