Vedersø Klit

Tim , Denmark
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Vedersø Klit

In the live stream there is the picturesque Vedersø Klit recreation area, located on the Danish coast of the North Sea, between the fjords of Ringkøbing and Nissum.

As can be clearly seen in the PTZ webcam, guest houses are scattered among the green hills on the territory of Vedersø Klit. People come here to relax in the lap of nature in silence and comfort.

The main attraction of the Vedersø Klit region, which the live camera is aimed at, is the 12-meter triangular lighthouse, built in 1884. Now 25 new lighthouses have appeared here. All of them are located along the entire western coast.

The village of Vedersø Klit, where the live broadcast is coming from, belongs to the village of Tim in Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality, Central Denmark region.

Ringkøbing Fjord

The Ringkøbing Fjord, by which Vedersø Klit, showed in the webcam is located, is a shallow lagoon near the town of Ringkøbing, in the west of the Jutland region. The fjord is divided from the North Sea by the Holmesland dune. In the past, Ringkøbing Fjord was a bay that was later surrounded by two shoals.

The length of the Ringkøbing fjord, next to which the Vedersø Klit recreation area is located in this online camera, is 30 km, and the depth is 2-3 m. In the southwest there is a bird reservation. The waters around the fjord are home to a variety of fish and a large number of algae.

Ringkøbing Fjord is a traditional water landscape for this part of Denmark. It is dominated by a dull, peaceful flat terrain.

Nissum Fjord

The Nissum Fjord, which is also close to Vedersø Klit, which is excellently displayed online, is located in West Jutland. It is separated from the North Sea by the 13 km wide Bøvling Klit isthmus. The water area of the fjord is 70 km2, with an average water depth of only about 1 meter, and the deepest areas at Felsted Kog, and at the center of the entrance are between 2 and 3 meters. The northern part of the entrance, called the Bøvling Fjord, is so shallow that it is sometimes completely drained by strong winds.

The streams of Ramme, Flynder Creek and Damhus Creek and the largest stream of Storåen, flow into the Nissum Fjord.

The entire bay of Nissum Fjord, as well as some of the surrounding land, is a wildlife sanctuary and Ramsar wetland. Many bird species live in the meadows of the fjord.

In the southwestern part of the Nissum Fjord, off the Nørre Fjand peninsula, there is a small uninhabited 40 hectare island called Fjandø.

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