View from the Holiday Inn Puebla to Popocatépetl Vulcano

Puebla , Mexico
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View to the Popocatepetl Volcano

A live stream online camera with the view to Popocatepetl volcano is installed on the Holiday Inn Puebla La Noria, which is close to archaeological places, the museum and the cathedral. Very close to the Constitution Square, the African Safari, Spanish Institute of Puebla. In the historic center, where the hotel with web camera is located, there are also the Amparo Museum, the Palafoxiana Library and the St. Francis church. Ideal location near a gorgeous beach, only 30 minutes walk from the center of Puebla. Nearby shopping centers and the market, discos, pubs and the zoo. Puebla Airport is just 25 minutes away.


Puebla, which you see on this online camera, is one of the first cities founded by the Spanish conquistadors in 1530. In 1987, the city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Puebla in the webcam, has 4 volcanoes: Orizaba peak (5636 m), Popocatepetl online (5426 m, constantly active and fairly active volcano), Iztaccíhuatl (5230 m) and Malinche (4503 m). These are the highest points of Mexico. The city is surrounded by snow-capped peaks of volcanic mountains.

Puebla, where the live stream comes from, is truly a city museum: you have to spend more than one day to see all the sights. The most important are the Museum of Arts, the Museum of Folk Art, the Talavera Factory-Museum. The Amparo Museum is highlight of Puebla undoubtedly. It contains a unique art collection.

Being here on vacation it’s worth to visit the quarter of artists, where there are numerous galleries, workshops, art schools. The chapel of Rosario is an interesting tourist object of the city. It was built for 40 years! The blue vault with the image of the starry sky and the symbol of the Holy Spirit is adorned with the building.

Tourists in Puebla in the web camera, must visit the town of Cholula. Translating literary its name into English, it will be like “a place from where water runs.” The main sight of this city is the volcano Cuexcomate. It is the smallest volcano in the world. Its height is 13 m, and the diameter of the crater is not more than 23 meters. The local population calls it “Clay pot”. This volcano you see online, is still considered active, it can wake up at any time. Brave tourists like to go down the spiral staircase to reach the mouth. The main attraction – the Great Pyramid of Cholula (Gran Pirámide de Cholula), the largest pyramid in Mexico (base length 450 m, height 66 m). There is the church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios at the top of the pyramid.

The Pyramid is like a hill at first it seems, dotted with grass, with a church on top. The geometrical scheme of this original design is clearly visible, being on the top of the pyramid: it grows from the very bottom in four directions.

Puebla is very popular among fans of excursions. This is the place of inspiration for nature lovers and Indian art objects collectors. In the historical center of the city there are full of magnificent churches, monasteries and colonial mansions decorated with ceramic tiles of the Talavera typical for this region. Among the sights of Puebla, the fortifications of Fort Loreto and Fort Guadalupe have the historic importance. There are museums with an exhibition of weapons, documents and other items related to the events of various battles today.

The main souvenir of Puebla in the live camera, are sweets. In the city there is a whole street of shops where you can buy sweets, which are produced in Puebla only, with fruits and nuts. You can buy even sugar skulls: Mexicans present each other on the Day of the Dead. Puebla in the web camera, is “cradle of Mexican baroque” in both architecture and decorative art. The city is famous for its cuisine and is considered the gastronomic capital of the country. People say, that “Mol (Mole)” – popular Mexican hot sauce was invented here.

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The climate of Puebla with the web cam, is a subtropical highland. The valley where the city is situated has a temperate climatic zone, and on the hills it is often cool. The average daytime temperature in the summer months is +20 … + 23C, in the winter months +17 … + 19C. At night, it’s сhill enough at any time of the year, so it’s better to have some warm clothes. The dry season is from November to April, the rainy season is from May to October. The greatest amount of precipitation falls on summer and early autumn.

Weather forecast in Puebla for 7 days is available on our website online.