Apelviken, Varberg

Varberg , Sweden
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Online web camera  of Varberg shows well known city for its beaches. In Varberg online, the coast changes from wide sandy beaches to rocky terrain that continues north into the Bohuslän archipelago and as far as the North Cape. Varberg, that you see in live footage, is located in a terrain of hills and plains. It is largely without trees and green areas, in its place are bald rocks and sand. The sandy beaches of the city in webcam, are very popular in the summer. Another main factor in Varberg’s popularity is its natural surroundings. Just a 20-minute drive inland reveals a totally different landscape. Here in Varberg with the live camera, you will be among an enchanting landscape: rolling hills with lakes and forests in contrast to the flatter coastal areas.

Varberg, where the live stream comes from, is a popular holiday destination and lots of people from towns like Buros either come for the weekend or spend the entire summer. Varberg in the webcam, has an oceanic climate that although moderate by Swedish standards, still retains quite large seasonal variation, with warm summers and frosty winters.

The town, showed online, is home to the Varberg fortress, built in the last quarter of the XIII century. The castle of the fortress has been turned into Varberg museum.

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