Lamai Beach

Koh Samui , Thailand
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Koh Samui

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Lamai Beach

Live webcam online demonstrates the Lamai beach, located on the beautiful island of Samui in Thailand. The beach is characterized by coarse sand and rocky coast. In the southern part of Lamai there is enough wide beach strip here. In the north – shallow water.

The rich vegetation of Thailand and herding cattle are easily to meet in the south of the resort behind the Muslim fishermen Hua Thanon village. Between Lamai with our live camera and this curious village there are two picturesque cliffs with funny names – Hin Ta, “Grandma”and Hin Yai “Grandpa”.

Among the cultural attractions in Lamai there is the Wat Lamai Temple, with various religious activities taking place here. There is the Hall of Arts with an exciting collection of copper and pottery, as well as an iron ceremonial drum. The famous Wat Khunaram temple is especially revered. There is the body of Luang Pho Daeng, one of the greatest mummified monks of Samui is preserved.

If to move from Lamai beach in our live broadcast to the center of town, there are many strip-bars, cafes and restaurants on the main street of the city.

For the SPA vacation fans, there are several SPA resorts in Lamai, where you can relax in saunas, experience Thai massage or try amazing rejuvenating mud masks.



The large island of Samui is called the earth tropical paradise. This beautiful resort attracts with its virgin and deserted beaches, clear ocean, coconut plantations and rice fields.


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On the island of Samui there is a hotter climate compared to other resorts in Thailand. In the rainy season, less rain falls here than in other regions. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in November. A favorable location in the calm Gulf of Thailand determines its climatic conditions. You can swim here all year round. The coldest months are December and February. But even in this period it is quite warm and comfortable here. The average temperature is 29C – 31C. The heat comes in the period from April to May. The temperature is kept within + 34 ° C.

Weather forecast in Samui for 7 days is available on our website online.