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Ski resort “Blidinje”

There is a live broadcast on the famous ski center “Blidinje”, the ski resort “Risovac”, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina – a country with mainly a mountainous relief. The center, built by Austrian experts, is quite young.

At the ski resort of “Blidinje”, which you can see in the webcam, has 4 ski slopes with a total length of 6 km. Nearby, there is the village of Risovac.

The ski resort “Blidinje”, perfectly demonstrated online, is located in the Natural Park “Blidinje”.

Other popular ski resorts in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vlašić, Kupres and Kozara.

“Blidinje” Nature Park

As mentioned above, the ski resort of “Blidinje”, where our webcam is located, is not only an excellent center for winter sports, but also the most famous Nature Park. Is located in the valley between Čvrsnica and Vran mountains, in the canton of Herzegovina-Neretva.

Located in the Grabovica valley, it covers an area of 364 km2. “Blidinje” is a large hollow, formed many centuries ago: a huge glacier descended from Čvrsnica Mountain.

“Blidinje” Lake

After the glacier melted, an empty field formed here: Dugo Polje, is the road to the park. In the area of the park appeared the largest mountain lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Blidinje Lake.


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“Blidinje” Nature Park, where our webcam is located, has 2 climatic zones. The southern slopes of Čvrsnica, Čabulja and Vran have a Mediterranean climate. The slopes in the north and the mountain peaks have a continental climate. Mostly winter in the region of Blidinje is long and snowy. The snow cover lasts until the beginning of May, so you can enjoy skiing in Blidinje and in the resort of Risovac for a long time.