Mýto pod Ďumbierom ski resort

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Mýto pod Ďumbierom

Mýto pod Ďumbierom in the webcam is a small ski resort in Slovakia with only 5 lifts, but it boasts a decent 305 meters of vertical descent. Mýto pod Ďumbierom, shown in the online camera, has 4,600 kilometers of slopes.

The live-stream ski resort is located on the northern slopes of the foothills of the Low Tatras, next to the important road from Banska – Bistrița through Podbrezová towards Poprad.

The orientation, configuration and exceptional nature of the track in the online live camera meets all the parameters of quality skiing not only for demanding active skiers, but also for less experienced and beginners.

Mýto pod Ďumbierom online has many quality additional services, which include a restaurant with a capacity of 250 people with a wide range of food and drinks, a bar, social facilities, a ski school, equipment rental.

In addition, the online complex has a large free parking lot, which is located next to the skiing area in the webcam.

Ski resorts in Slovakia

Slovakia, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is one of the most popular ski tourism countries. Ideal skiing on the slopes in the web camera is facilitated by the well-developed infrastructure of the ski complex, favorable climate and natural conditions. The winter season here starts at the end of December and ends at the beginning of May. The coldest month is January. On the highest peaks of the mountains in Slovakia, snow lasts up to 130 days.

One of the most famous winter destinations for ski fans is the High Tatras. This is the oldest ski area in Slovakia. The first hotels and resorts began to appear here almost 200 years ago, when representatives of the Slovak nobility began to get involved in skiing. At the same time, the first hotels began to open their doors in the region, some of them have survived to this day and still surprise and fascinate guests with unique European architecture.

The high-mountainous region of the Tatras is located in the northern part of the giant Carpathian arc, the length of which is 1200 km. Its highest point is the High Tatras, spread over an area of 341 sq. km. The amount of natural wealth in this Tatras region is simply enormous.

The bewitching panorama of the High Tatras, endless valleys covered with dense forests, pristine lakes and waterfalls, sun-drenched mountain slopes – this is a great temptation that travelers from all over the world cannot resist. That is why the High Tatras are considered the symbol of Slovakia.

The most popular ski resorts in the High Tatras are Strbske Pleso and Tatranska Lomnica, which are viewed in the online camera on the Baltic Live Cam website, as well as Smokovci.

Another well-known winter region of Slovakia, where a live broadcast is conducted from, is the Low Tatras, the second most important and popular ski area in the country. Since ancient times, this territory has attracted attention with an abundance of forests and rich ore deposits. There are also written historical sources proving the fact that non-ferrous and precious metals were previously mined in the Low Tatras.

The most popular and frequently visited resort of the Low Tatras is the Jasna ski resort, which is also shown in the webcam on our website.

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