Lake Solina

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Lake Solina

The webcam on Lake Solina shows a picturesque natural landmark of the Bieszczady region in Poland. The Solina Lagoon (as it is also called the reservoir) in live broadcast was created in 1968 as a result of the construction of the Solina Dam on the San River.

The surface of Solina in the online camera is more than 20 km2, it is the largest artificial lake in Poland. The basin has a capacity of 500 million m3.

Solina, where the web camera is directed at, is loved not only by tourists, but also by fans of sailing. Solina Lake (Jezioro Solińskie) in the online broadcast is one of the most landscaped reservoirs in the country. Picturesque peninsulas and bays will enchant you with their charm and naturalness.

The pond that you see in the live stream is home to different types of fish, so this is a real fishermen paradise.

An exceptional feature of the lake in this online live camera is a significant fluctuation in its water level due to the diversity of the flow of the San River and the steep banks of the lake bottom. The coastline of Solina is very developed and is about 160 km.

The bottom of the reservoir in the webcam drops almost everywhere, but there are places covered with sharp branches. Swimming in unguarded places can be dangerous.

The water in Solina Lake, shown online, is quite cold. Despite this, the enchanting sections of the reservoir in the web camera and the favorable natural conditions give the reservoir the status of a wonderful place for recreation and recovery.

In summer, there are always a lot of vacationers in the online camera near Lake Solina, who come for fishing, plunge into crystal-clear water and take a ride on yachts, for which comfortable conditions have been created here with marinas, bases and recreation centers. On the shores of the lake online there are health resorts and sanatoriums.


Bieszczady, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is one of the most picturesque regions in Poland.

Rest in the Bieszczady Mountains, where the webcam is located, is an excellent opportunity for tourists to enjoy the beauty of the mountain slopes with dense forests, as well as contemplate the traces of ancient settlements and visit small cities with a long history.

Often, guests of the region begin their excursion with a tour of the Sanska Valley, the territory of which is very popular among fishermen and lovers of kayaking on the mountain river.

It is interesting to go to the city of Rzeszow, which you can see also in the webcam on the Baltic Live Cam website, and get acquainted with its sights: Rzeszow Town Hall, Lubomirskich Palac and Wniebowziecia NajSwietszej Mary Basilica.

In Bieszczady, shown online, between Zatwarnica and the village of Rajska, there is a valley in which Boiko villages were located before World War II. Today the ruins of old houses and churches lie here.

The best place for sailing on a yacht in Bieszczady is Lake Solina, which you see in the livecam. There are about 200 bays along the reservoir. The most famous of them are Teleshnitska, Zavuz and Podleshechinska. There are sandy beaches on Lake Tarnobrzeg: it is comfortable to swim and sunbathe here.

For those who like to hike, there is the Slate Menilite Wall trail in Bieszczady. For cycling tours, it is convenient to ride the special Cycle Trolleys – Rental and Trips route, and for horseback riding, the Carpatica Stables are suitable.

A bright and memorable attraction for tourists will certainly be a trip on a tourist steam train along the narrow-gauge railway from Maidan to Smolnik.

The village of Komancza awaits ecotourists and connoisseurs of outdoor recreation. You can enjoy wildlife in the Bieszczadzki National park (Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy).

In winter, Bieszczady, where the live broadcast is coming from, attracts fans of alpine skiing. For them are open the resorts of Gromadzyn and Ustrzyki Dolne on the slopes of the mountains.

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