Faa’a International Airport

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Faa’a International Airport

The online camera is configured to broadcast live stream from Faa’a Airport, the international airport of Tahiti. There is an airport in webcam is located in Faaa commune, 5 km from the center of the French Polynesia capital the city of Papeete.

The airport of Papeete Faa’a, where live camera is available, is the only airport in French Polynesia that operates with international flights.

At the Tahiti airport with webcam there is a one bright feature: landed tourists are met  by local residents in national clothes – a typical Polynesian tradition. Tahitians put on the neck of every guest bright garlands of tiara (the main flower of Polynesia). So, arrived definitely have a flowers necklace, and those who leave the island – have a shells necklace.

The airport itself, which you can also see online, is made in a purely Polynesian style. The interior is full of booklets and maps of the islands. The service staff is smiling, sociable and friendly. The airport employees speak French and English.

Faa’a International Airport Terminal

At Papeete Faa’a Airport with webcam, there is one large terminal, divided into local and international. It is always noisy and crowded. All tourist service centers are open 24/7.

Please note, the Wi-Fi service is not for free here.

Online Tahiti airport terminal rooms are equipped with a large number of seats. There is a wide selection of cafes and restaurants, pharmacy, baggage room, post office, ATM, duty free shops, car rental, local tour operators’ offices.

At the main Faa’a airport terminal there is a special room for with small children.

How to get to Papeete Faa’a airport

To get to the airport in live camera is possible by rental car or taxi. Also, there is the alternative and economical option with bus till Papeete with a stop at the terminal entrance.

 It can be reached by ferry. It is located close to the Faa’a airport in  webcam.

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