You Must See Our 7 Best Luggage Locks of 2017


You can never be too safe when you are traveling. There is nothing that can start a trip off worse than finding that the items you know you packed are gone! Protecting your property when you travel should be a priority if only to avoid the stress. Luggage locks get the job done nicely if you have the right locks. 

Protecting your property with the best travel locks will give you peace of mind while you travel knowing that your property is secure.

Unfortunately, your luggage is at its greatest risk of unauthorized entry while it is being transported from one airport to the next. The incidence of luggage theft is alarmingly high right at the airports.

Employees have been recorded on surveillance cameras at airports around the world opening passenger’s luggage and helping themselves to whatever it is they like.  The problem is so wide-spread that “bait bags” have been sent through airports by security to see what happens and to catch unsavory employees. The results of these “tests” are quite astounding. It is estimated in the United States alone 500 employees were fired in 2015 for stealing from passenger’s bags. The cost is astronomical, with over $2.5 million is losses being reported by passengers in 2016. Some of the favored items removed from luggage include jewelry, IPad other electronics, high-end sunglasses, designer bags wallets and even designer shoes.

The results of these “tests” are quite astounding. It is estimated in the United States alone 500 employees were fired in 2015 for stealing from passenger’s bags. The cost is astronomical, with over $2.5 million is losses being reported by passengers in 2016. Some of the favored items removed from luggage include jewelry, IPad other electronics, high-end sunglasses, designer bags wallets and even designer shoes.

It is estimated in the United States alone 500 employees were fired in 2015 for stealing from passenger’s bags. The cost is astronomical, with over $2.5 million is losses being reported by passengers in 2016.

Some of the favored items removed from luggage include jewelry, IPads, other electronics, high-end sunglasses, designer bags, wallets and even designer shoes.

Most people do not open their luggage in the airport to check for missing items so much of the theft goes unreported or is assumed to happen somewhere else.

Another problem that people find when they do report the theft at the airport is the long laborious process to get compensated (if they are ever compensated at all).

Who wants to take time away from a holiday or even a business trip to have to deal with police reports, airport security and a long process to maybe get the value of their items? Most of the theft goes unreported and the thieves get away with the property!

It is far easier to take the preventive steps and avoid the aggravation.

Making sure that your luggage is always secure comes down to taking a few extra steps to secure it. A simple, effective luggage lock can help to deter thieves and keep your luggage safe.

Best Luggage Locks Review

We looked at some of the luggage locks that are available to help you find the lock that is going to work best for your security needs. We looked at locks that are universal which means that we only considered locks that are TSA approved for travelers headed to the states as well. We figured that the best TSA approved locks would work well for wherever you are traveling and additionally be accepted in the states and the US territories that have strict standards when it comes to locking devices for luggage.

Here is what we looked at to come up with the locks that were worthy of review and that would make it to the short list of the best luggage locks of 2017:

  • Cost – you probably already spent quite a bit of money on your travel plans, the last thing you need to do is add one more expense, we looked for luggage locks that were affordable.
  • Durability – airport workers are notorious for not exactly handling luggage with care, so we looked for locks that would stand up to a little roughhousing without busting open.
  • Ease of use – no one wants to fumble around with a luggage lock to get to their gear. We looked for locks that were user-friendly.
  • Flexibility – you want to be able to use a lock on any type of luggage. We choose locks that offered flexible fit options.

These locks listed below are great options and absolutely can be considered best luggage lock contender!

Here are the locks that made it to the shortlist:

Forge TSA Locks 2 Pack – Open Alert Indicator, Alloy Body with Lifetime Warranty

This locking duo easily made it to the best TSA luggage lock list because it checks off everything on the list nicely. It is a durable pair of locks that offers ease of use and is nicely flexible thanks to its long neck.  There are a couple of features that really caught our eye with this luggage lock:

With this lock the TSA agent or custom agent that opens the lock must relock it to be able to remove their key. We like that feature because you do not have to worry about a lock being left unlocked. The agent is forced to relock the lock if they want their key back.

Another feature we love about this lock is that it indicates right on the lock if it has been opened and relocked.  This allows you to quickly check for missing items before you ever leave the airport!

We also really liked the easy to use combination feature. You set your easy to remember code the first time you use it.

Travel More TSA Approved Travel Combination Cable Luggage Locks for Suitcases – 1, 2 & 4 Pack

We picked this lock for the best luggage lock list because it offers the features that we think make a lock best like a nice long cable so that you can fit it on any type of luggage of backpack and an easy to use combination function.  This lock comes with a 100% warranty. The steel cable is strong and will stand up to all types of travel conditions. You set the 3-digit combination so it is easy to remember. We also loved that this was a relatively inexpensive lock. It is a great value for the price.  The lock itself is made from a durable Zinc alloy that is built tough. It is a great choice for any traveler.

Master Lock 4689Q TSA Accepted Padlocks with Keys 4-Pack

The Master Lock name is well-known when it comes to locking devices. We like this set of locks because it comes with a key. Not everyone is fond of having to deal with a combination lock. This keyed option would be a great luggage lock for anyone that has dexterity issues or that simply does not want to have to deal with a combination.  It is an easy solution and it is also a durable solution. The only thing we were not too crazy about on this lock was that the top was not very long which means that it would be ideal for smaller bags. On the upside of things because it does not have a cable, it has a shank, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to clip off.

Tsa Approved Luggage Lock for Suitcase Travel Bag Backpack 4 Digit Combination TSA Padlock Security 4 Pack

This set includes 4 locks and has a 4-digit combination code. We liked this set because of the 4-digit combination code. That 4th digit can heighten security and make it nearly impossible to pick or break into. These locks have a nice long durable cable so they can easily fit on any luggage, backpack or gym bag. They are easy to use, you set your own combination and they are durable. They are made from steel which means you never must worry about them not standing up to tough use! The price is right on these locks!

Bluetooth + RFiD Smart & Quick Access Electronic Quicklock Padlock – “Retailers Choice Award 2015” – Yellow

This is another best luggage lock of 2017 but it is not only a luggage lock. This Smart lock is a padlock that is weather resistant, made from zinc and can be used in a wide range of situations. It is easy to use, opens quickly and is built to stand up to the tortures of travel.

Lewis N. Clark TSA-Approved Combination Luggage Lock with Steel Cable (2-Pack)

This is a two pack of reliable locks. These locks are easy to use which we love. They are crafted from Zinc Alloy with a steel cable so they can withstand plenty of travel time and serve you well each time. You set the code in a few minutes which makes the code easier to remember. They are TSA approved so you do not have to worry about damage to your luggage if TSA or customs must get into your bag. They are nicely priced and a good value!


Our Pick for The Best

eGeeTouch Smart TSA Luggage Lock with Patented Dual Access NFC + Bluetooth technologies & Vicinity Tracking

This state of the art luggage lock is more of a security system for your luggage than just a lock. Not only does this lock keep unauthorized people out but it also helps you to track your luggage! 

We loved this device. 

You do not have to worry about a code or little wheels to turn to open your lock.  You use your smartphone to lock it and unlock it! 

This innovative security device is an award-winning device that will ensure that your luggage is safe and secure and that you always know where it is! Every detail is well thought out with this luggage lock including the battery that stays charged for 2000 locks/unlocks. This would be a great option for anyone that does not want to deal with combinations or keys. The added security of being able to track your luggage is one of the best features of this device. 

If we had to choose just one lock that you should buy it would hands down be this one.  Since it is 2017 and you are looking for the best luggage lock of 2017, why not choose the lock that is using the technology that is available today? It is an affordable option that offers a high level of security and peace of mind. If you can use a smartphone, then you can confidently use this lock! It is a great choice and the best luggage lock out there!


Choosing the ideal luggage lock really comes down to personal preference. If you do not mind dealing with a combination, then you have plenty of options to choose from. Each style of lock has its pros and its cons. The combination styles can be a problem if you have an issue remembering codes, the key styles can be an issue if you have a problem hanging on to keys.  The newer state of the art locking devices seems to be a great choice for just about anyone.

One of the best reasons to consider getting one of the more technologically advanced locks is for the added ability to track your luggage to find the vicinity of where it is in case it goes missing. A lock that includes GPS tracking is a good option for anyone that takes security seriously and wants that added layer of protection.  Of course, there is always a downside, you do want to check with the airports that you will be traveling through to ensure that this type of lock is acceptable and within their regulations.  

It is always best to take the steps necessary to avoid problems. A luggage lock is a simple tool that can save you hours of stress trying to recover your missing items. Get a luggage lock and rest easy knowing that your luggage is not going to fall prey to thieves!




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