Popular Uses for Streaming, Part 2

This is a second part of a two-part series. To read the first part – click here

Welcome to the second part of our series of blog posts dedicated to live-steaming and possible uses for them in businesses and non-commercial use. Setting up a live-stream has become a very streamlined and user friendly task and is continuously becoming more approachable to the average PC or portable device user. According to Streaming Media, streaming moved way past the experimentation phase and, after a quantum leap forward in 2015, is widely embraced by media and businedded worldwide.

Last week we’ve discussed the uses of streams for event capturing, vlogging, training and meetings, as well as product demonstration. Now, let’s look at some other uses for streaming:

Online TV



Television is currently living through big changes. With more and more viewers switching from cable TV to online, the broadcasters are forced to move into a different and more relevant model. The model is question is called OTT, or, in other words, Over-the-Top. This type of content is usually delivered through dedicated video portals straight to the viewers.

The benefits of such systems include the possibility to generate their own revenue outside the traditional multi-system operators. As an additional plus, it reaches the valuable and highly active millennial audience.

Live video is allowing you to connect and reach the worldwide audience via streaming devices, such as Apple TV, Roku and others. Using Online TV is a fantastic way to reach people through the big screens and implement modern technology. Some say this is the future of broadcast television. Who knows?

Broadcaster API



Developing a broadcasting API allows to integrate live video into your own platforms and services and thus take full control of your content. This way, you can program the already existing video servers to live broadcast.

Alternatively, if you got the right skills, you can make your own app, that incorporates live streaming and functions around your video content. This lets you freely customize video players with your own brand and expand content-delivery options without building costly and sensitive server banks.

24/7 Live Stream



Making a dedicated stream, that streams a certain location 24/7 is also an interesting way to streams and attract users, given that the scenery is pleasant to look at, or the location of the stream is home to exciting events, that will hold attention. These streams are also actively used by weather forecast companies and news sources to give current weather conditions and articles a visual edge.

Adding advertisements around the stream, as well as pre-rolls before the streams leads to additional revenue. And while setting up such streams all by yourselves may be tricky, there are services, such as Baltic Live Cam, to assist you in setting up the camera and hosting the stream, which also give you options for make money through ad revenue.


The streaming is the top media trend of the last few years and, at the time of writing, is only showing signs of growth. The world is embracing this new way of visualization, and it wolud be a wise decision to do so too. Thank you for reading!


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