View from the hotel Abaco Inn

Elbow Cay , Bahamas
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Elbow Cay

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View from the hotel Abaco Inn

This beautiful live broadcast perfectly demonstrates the scenic view of the coast of Elbow Cay Island, Bahamas. The webcam is located at The Abaco Inn hotel in center of Elbow Cay, between the Atlantic Ocean and White Sound Bay. The online camera faces west toward the bay.

Elbow Cay

Elbow Cay, whose coast you can see online is a part of Abaco Island area in northern Bahamas. In Abaco there are two large islands: Large Abaco and Little Abaco and many little islands, including the Elbow Cay Island with our webcam.

The total area of ​​the Abaco Islands is 1681 km2, with a population of 16,000 people.

The Elbow Cay with our online camera, is located to the east of the Large Abaco Island. There are the best beaches in Bahamas on the Elbow Cay, part of which you can see online. The best is the white Tahiti Beach, surrounded by a wall of palm trees. The largest village on the island is Hope Town, where there is Garbanzo Beach, chosen by surfers.

The Elbow Cay Island, where our live stream is from, is a great option for those who want to rent a boat and set off to explore the amazing coast of the island.


Bahamas, a part of which is clearly visible in our online webcam, is very attractive for tourists: some prefer to visit reefs, others go fishing, some luxuriate on the beach, and there are those who will play golf or dive in the clean coastal water. Bahamas have gained the most popularity due to the great opportunities of beach holidays. Clean sandy beaches, peace and quiet – an excellent place to relax. There are villas and hotels along the coast. Who is tired of spending vacation inert, there are various excursions in offer: there is something to see.

Nassau is the capital of Bahamas Islands located on the largest of them – New Providence. The region is rich with a lot of boutiques, restaurants, bars, casinos, cabarets, nightclubs, hotels. Also there are 400 banks and trust funds here. The important landmark of the city is Parliament Square.

Curiously, but in the west of the island there are still pirate towns here. Tourists like to visit Fort Charlotte, Garden of the Groves, the Rand Memorial, Coral Island and wonderful underwater caves. The Atlantis complex has the special status with the largest aquarium in the open air.

Popular in Nassau, Cable Beach – resort, hotel area and the best beach in the Bahamas. Bahamas is a popular resort for tourists from all over the world. But guests from Canada and the USA – in the majority.

Every Bahamas Island has its own feauture: to play golf – Grand Bahama, go fishing – Bimini islands, Berry and Andros, divers choose Eleuthera and Abacos islands.


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The climate of the Bahamas is subtropical, mild. The warm goes with the Gulf Stream and has a great influence on the islands. In summer time is +26 … + 32 . Close to the south it is warmer. In winter is from 18 to 22 degrees. Precipitation – a rare phenomenon with short strong shower. The best period for visiting the Bahamas is from September to May.

Weather forecast in Green Turtle Cay for 7 days is available on our website online.