Senado Square

Macau , China
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Senado Square

The webcam shows the very center of Macau city – the beautiful Senado Square, the venue for the most important city events. As can be clearly seen in the live broadcast, there are fountains, recreation areas, and cozy benches at Senado.

You may notice, Senado Square or Largo do Senado, perfectly displayed on the webcam, tiled with waves creating the boiling water illusion. Mostly, all city tours start from Senado Square.

Around the square in the online camera, there are municipal buildings and the historical part of Macau with the main attractions.

Next to Senado Square, caught in a live camera, there is the former Senate building, now serving as the Bureau of Civil and Municipal Affairs. Nearby there is the 16th century Holy House of Mercy, 17th century St. Dominic’s Church and the Sam Kai Vui Kun Chinese temple.


The city of Macau or Macao, from where the live stream comes, occupies the coast of the South China Sea and is located in the Pearl River Delta, 60 km south-west of Hong Kong.

Thanks to the warm sea, the city you see online has excellent opportunities for a beach holiday. The main beaches of Macau – Hac Sa Beach and Chok Wan, located on the island of Coloane.

The historic center of Macao in live feed is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There is the visit card of the city – the ruins of the temple of St. Paul. At present, the Museum of Religious Art is opened in the restored crypt of the former church.

Traditional Chinese temples of the patron saint of trade: Kuan Tai and Na Tcha are of great interest to tourists. Macau Monte Fort and Guia Fort are incredibly beautiful, from their towers you can enjoy picturesque views of the surroundings.

The most impressive temple in Macau, the center of which you see on the live webcam, is the A-Ma Temple. It was built in honor of the Taoist goddess A-Ma and the Buddhist goddess of mercy Kun Lam.

Macau, with Senado Square in live footage, is a gigantic metropolis with dizzying skyscrapers, luxury hotels, chic and expensive restaurants, branded boutiques and numerous casinos. Macau has gained the fame of the “Las Vegas of the East”.

Thrill-seekers should visit the karting track, visit the Coloane Island and climb the city TV tower and jump or take a few steps along its outer rim without railings at a height of 233 meters above the ground.


Macau online, has a warm tropical climate. The average annual temperature is +20 C. The rainiest period is summer. The best time to travel to Macau is from October to December, when it is warm, sunny and dry. Winter is cold enough, but sunny. From May to September it is hot and rainy.
Weather forecast in Macau for 7 days is available on our website online.

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