Ribe embankment

Ribe , Denmark
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Ribe Embankment

In front of you in the online camera there is a small and cute embankment of a miniature Danish town Ribe on the Ribe-O River. As you can see well in the live stream, there are small boats moored to the shore, as also there are low red houses lined the embankment decorating the dock.

Ribe, where the live broadcast is from, is one of the oldest cities in Denmark, founded around the 8th century. It is located in the southwest of the state. The population of the miniature town in webcam is approximately 8,000 people. Despite its tiny size, Ribe, from where the live stream is conducted, has the status of the province of the same name.

Once Ribe, part of which can be seen online, was a major religious center.

The oldest building in Ribe in our live camera is the Dome Cathedral in the Roman-Gothic style, built in the 12th century. This is the only cathedral in Denmark with 5 naves in its structure.

Ribe with our livecam has experienced many cataclysms: from the plague to floods and conquests. Therefore, the town try to preserve every historical landmark of the Middle Ages. Here are paved small streets and low nice houses.

At the end of the 15th century, a building known as the Former Town Hall was erected in the city that you see in this live stream. Previously, the local city hall was located in this building, but now this landmark is a hall for official celebrations. Also, there is a museum in the town hall.

Another interesting museum in Ribe, part of which is shown by our online camera, is the Viking History Museum, located in the very center of the city.

Another local historical landmark is the 12th century Riberhus Castle, right to say ruins that remain.

Ribe with a beautiful promenade in webcam has been flooded many times. There is a wooden pillar on the embankment in our online broadcast, where since the 30s of the 17th century have been making watermarks of the river level. By tags you can easily see how high the water rose. Ribe experienced the worst flooding in 1634, when the water level reached six meters.

There is a very unusual night excursion accompanied by a guide-night watchman in Ribe online.

A large number of different events are held in the city, including the Viking festival, jazz festival and Christmas party.

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