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Port of Spain , Trinidad and Tobago
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Port of Spain

In front of you in a webcam there is one of the main streets of Port of Spain, located in Queen’s Park Savannah – the largest open space in the city.

Port of Spain, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is the capital of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, its political, economic and cultural center. The city is rich in historical and architectural monuments. Also, there are many entertainment centers, restaurants, cafes, shops. During the carnival in Port of Spain, where the webcam is located, there are many tourists.

The city, shown in a live camera, as well as its suburbs, is inhabited by amazing bright tropical birds. For example, there are about 40 species of humming-bird.

The architectural appearance of the city that you see online combines Christian, Islamic and Hindu cultures. So, on the same street you can see a Christian church, a Muslim mosque and a Hindu temple.

The main attractions of the city of Port of Spain, whose street is displayed in a webcam, are: 19th-century Anglican Cathedral, Catholic Cathedral of 1832, National Museum, National Archives and the Art Gallery. In the capital, there is a beautiful Savannah Royal Botanical Garden with a large collection of exotic plants, located near the place in this online camera.

The city, broadcasted in a webcam, there are other interesting sights, for example: Independence Square, Gingerbread House, Magnificent Seven Park, National Museum and Art Gallery, Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Trinidad and Tobago

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, with the live broadcast on the Baltic Live Cam website, is a country located in the Caribbean on the islands of Trinidad, Tobago and 5 neighboring small islands off the coast of Venezuela.

The highlight that attracts tourists from all over the world to Trinidad and Tobago is the eco-tourism. All islands of the state have a very diverse nature. About 400 species of birds, 600 species of butterflies, 50 species of reptiles, 100 species of animals live on their territory.

If you plan a trip to Trinidad and Tobago, the capital of which is shown in this online camera, we recommend choosing February or March. During this period, the country hosts a carnival in the Royal Park of Port of Spain and many other interesting events. But, if you want to relax in peace and quiet, it is better to plan a trip for summer and autumn.

All islands of Trinidad and Tobago offer excellent opportunities for water sports: windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling, diving, sailing, paragliding.


The climate in Trinidad and Tobago is tropical. In winter, the average air temperature is + 26 ° C, in summer is about + 27 ° C. There are dry and wet seasons. So, from January to May is the time of the dry season. From June to December is a rainy season with heavy tropical showers.
Weather forecast in Port of Spain for 7 days is available on our website online.

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