Beyazıt Square

Istanbul , Turkey
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Beyazıt Square

Beyazıt Square, which you can see in  online camera, is one of the most important political and historical places in Istanbul. It was built in 393 under the rule of Emperor Theodosius and was the largest area of the city in the webcam.

In ancient times, Beyazit Square, which webcam shows in live stream, was known as the Roman Forum Tauri Square with bronze bulls on a giant triumphal arch. Nowadays, there are several remains of marble blocks and columns from the triumphal arch, as also the monumental fountain remains. Besides, in the past there was also located the largest fountain in Istanbul, unfortunately, not preserved.

The Beyazıt Square, which is clearly visible online, is located in the center of the main transport highway of the city. The historic square, which had political significance in the Ottoman period and became a cultural center during the republic, still has the main square honorary title of Istanbul online.

One of the oldest universities in the city, Istanbul University, is also located in the lens of online live camera. There are ancient madrasas, bathhouses and shops still remain here.

At the Beyazıt Square, well presented in the webcam, there is one of the most famous mosques of the city of Istanbul – the Beyazit Mosque of the 15th century. Also, at the square in the online stream there are the State Library Beyazit, built in 1884, and the Sahaflar market.

Beyazit Square, where live stream is conducted from, is neighboring with the popular old-time covered market of Istanbul with the 548 years of history. Its foundation was laid in 1461.

You can get to the indoor labyrinth market through the gates located at the Beyazit Square in web camera. Besides the structures listed above, the main headquarters of the Ottoman Empire and the Sandal market – the auction center, are located on the Beyazit Square.

Beyazit Square is depicted on postcards and engravings.

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