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Tokat , Turkey
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The live stream camera perfectly demonstrates the ancient Turkish city of Tokat online, founded by the Byzantine emperor Heraclius in 628. In the distant past, Tokat, whose panorama is clearly visible in the webcam, was not an important city, except Dazimon fortress. A more important settlement was the neighboring town of Comana Pontica. Tokat developed through trade between Anatolia and Persia. In 1021, King Senekerim Artsruni got Tokat in online live camera as a gift from the Byzantine emperor and took him into his fiefdom. In the middle of the 11th century, Tokat, where online camera is installed, was placed at the disposal of the Bagratid family. Since the end of the 11th century, almost 100 years the city was ruled by the Turkmen dynasty of Danishmendid. In the 14th century, Tokat became part of the Ottoman Empire. In the 19th century, the city where  live camera is from gained fame as one of the largest Turkish cities in Asia, but later could not withstand the competition of its closest neighbor, the city of Sivas, which also has webcam.

Now in Tokat, which view you can clearly see online, there is actively and successfully developing automotive communication. The city has its own airport. Besides, there are growing rapidly agriculture, food and mining industries, as well as the tourist industry.

Tokat that you can see on the webcam is rich in cultural, historical and natural attractions. For example, the Antique city of Sebastopolis, Tokat Castle, Medrese Hatuniyye, Ali Pasha Mosque, Sulusaray Geyser.

Tokat province

The City of Tokat, where online webcam is located, is the administrative center of the same name province. It is located near the Black Sea and has borders with the coastal areas of Ordu and Samsun. The main cities and areas of Tokat in the web camera are: Tokat (the capital of the province), Almus, Artov, Başçiftlik, Yeşilyurt, Zile, Niksar, Pazar, Reşadiye, Sulusaray, Turhal, Erbaa.

Famous people born in Tokat: Ottoman General Nuri gazi Osman Pasha and football player Ugur Boral.


Tokat, where is online camera, there is a climate with a slight temperature drop. Precipitation falls evenly over all months. Tokat located in the the north direction of the climatic region of the Mediterranean. There is fog in autumn and winter here often. The summer is moderately warm and the winter is mild.

Weather forecast in Tokat for 7 days is available on our website online.

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