Ölüdeniz beach

Ölüdeniz , Turkey
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Ölüdeniz beach

In the live broadcast, you can perfectly see the beach of the Turkish city of Ölüdeniz online, located at a distance of 15 km south-east of the city of Fethiye.


Ölüdeniz, whose beach is perfectly visible in the webcam, is a picturesque city with a beautiful lagoon. There are clear turquoise waters, emerald pines and light beige beaches. Besides, Ölüdeniz is a national park.

In Ölüdeniz , where the live broadcast comes from, everyone can find an interesting occupation. If you like a beach holiday: there are many beautiful beach areas. If you are a fan of interesting excursions, then you will not be bored in the beautiful city also. Better to combine these two fun. By the way, the famous Lycian way (long route) passes through the city of Ölüdeniz online.

In Ölüdeniz, which beach area is perfectly visible in online webcam, also there are 3 especially beautiful beaches: Lagoon, Kidrak and Patara. Lagoon Beach is the best place for all water sports, as well as recreation with children. This beach ends with a sand spit known as Turtle Island or Cleopatra Beach. Kidrak Beach is a quiet and peaceful place. Patara Beach is known for being awarded the title of “best beach in the world” from the Sunday Times.

The Air Games Festival is especially popular with tourists. It takes place in October. At this time the city is filled with colorful paragliders. Besides, during the summer season, in Ölüdeniz that you see in live camera, there are very popular such as kinds of extreme entertainment as skydiving and tandem paragliding from Babadağ Mountain.

Ölüdeniz, demonstrated in web camera, is a port city and, of course, many beautiful yachts, catamarans, pleasure boats moor here. You can take on of them and go on a cruise.

In the resort city of Ölüdeniz showed online, you can go fishing, diving, snorkeling, ride scooters and bananas. Or you can just inertly relax on one of such beautiful beaches as the beach perfectly visible in live webcam.

Adventure seekers will enjoy a tour to the ruins of the ancient Greek village of Kaya Koyu with abandoned ancient chapels and old houses.

There are many excellent places to taste delicious cocktails in the city of Ölüdeniz with this live camera. For example, Help Beach Bar or floating restaurant Bonsuar Joysen. You can also have a great time at Tuti s Bar. And to have a party near the pool at the Soho Bar. Other interesting places: Buzz Beach Bar and Crusoes.



Ölüdeniz, that you can see good in web camera, is located at the intersection of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. The climate here is subtropical: summer is hot and sunny, rainfall is rare. The average temperature is + 26C … + 29C. In the middle of summer it can be very hot, up to + 35C. Winter is warm and mild. The average temperature is + 10C … + 12C.
The swimming season starts in April and ends in late November. The best time to travel to Ölüdeniz is June and September, when it is no longer hot, but still warm.

Weather forecast in Ölüdeniz for 7 days is available on our website online.


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