Icmeler beach

Icmeler , Turkey
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This web camera shows the bay of a beautiful miniature resort town of Icmeler. More recently, Icmeler was part of the city of Marmaris, located 7 km far from Icmeler. Nowadays, it is an actively developing and independent resort with a sandy beach, surrounded by flowering gardens and hotels. Name of Icmeler came thanks to mineral healing springs of fresh water – “Icmek”, what means “drink” in Turkish language.

As you can see in the webcam online, the water in the bay is calm and clean, it’s easy to view the seabed. Thanks to these advantages, fans of diving like to come here. The sea by the coast of Icmeler is inhabited by fish and other sea inhabitants: eels, octopus, lobsters, tuna, barracuda, sea turtles and dolphins, red Mediterranean corals and sponges. The most divers’ favorite place is the underwater mountain with a lot of tunnels, caves, fragments of ancient amphorae and anchors.

As it is perfectly visible in the web camera, in the bay of Icmeler is a popular place to go with catamarans and boats. Look at live broadcast: small boats moored at the shore, gradually fill with people and leave the bay.

You should visit the Orhaniye village, located in a beautiful place, surrounded by pine forests and beaches. There is one of the most famous natural attractions of Icmeler you see online, here – 600 meters long underwater “Kizkumu” foreland dividing the Gulf of Hisaronu in two parts. In the center of the bay there is an island with the top with the ancient castle ruins. The Bay of Hisaronu is a famous sailing center with a harbor ships harbor. There is a parts of an old monastery with beautiful mosaics also here.

There are beautiful suburbs near the city of Icmeler in live broadcast. Nearby, there is the small Turunc village with the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Amos. In Turunc, there is a bay with the “Blue Flag”.

A little further from Turunc, there is Kumlubuk village with a picturesque landscape, magnificent beaches and hills with a stalactites and stalagmites cave.

If you prefer to travel more far from Icmeler in web camera, we advise to get to the Selimiye village with the ruins of the ancient city of Hidas and Sogut with the remains of the ancient city of Tissanos.

In Bozukkale village there are ruins of the ancient city of Loryma and 120 meters height palace have been preserved.

In the south-west of Marmaris there is Cape Bozburun – a popular place for yachtsmen. Also, there are ruins of the ancient city of Larumna.

You can make a trip to neighboring Marmaris, and go to Greek island of Rhodes. There is a nice Baltic Live Cam live stream in the most beautiful and famous cities of Rhodes – Lindos.

An unforgettable experience will be a trip to the turtles Island of Dalyan, a trip to Pamukkale, listed in UNESCO, a visit to the city of Fethiye with the ruins of a medieval knight’s castle, an excursion to the ancient city of Ephesus.

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Icmeler in this web camera, is located near the Aegean Sea. There is a subtropical climate here. In winter it is cool and rainy. In autumn, spring and summer it is dry and sunny. The beach season starts in May and lasts until October with a comfortable temperature of +25 … + 30C. Slightly warmer in July-August, when the air warms up to +32 and more in the daytime. In winter, in January, the temperature sometimes drops to +6 … + 8.

Weather forecast in Icmeler for 7 days is available on our website online.