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Phan Thiet , Vietnam
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Phan Thiet

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Phan Thiet Beach

There is the beach of the resort town of Phan Thiet in web live camera. The beach, which is visible online, is especially popular for surfers and kitesurfers, which you can often catch in  live stream. The beach in live camera is a well-appointed recreation area, where you can rent kites or boards, as well as use deck chairs. Golf is also very popular and located near the beach in a webcam.

In the evenings, tourists like to visit such famous local places as Show Club, Dragon Beach, Wax Bar, and Ocean Republic.

All the beaches of this coast, including the beach in  online camera, stretch from the northern banks part of Mui Ne fishing village to the coast of Ke Ga fishing village on the south of Phan Thiet.

If to talk about Phan Thiet beaches, one of which you can see in the webcam, they are all quite diverse. There are sandy beaches, as in online stream camera, with expensive hotels. And there are concrete beach areas that protects the coast from washout. Near these beaches there are fairly low-cost hotels located.

Phan Thiet

Vietnamese resort town of Phan Thiet with  live camera, is located in the southern part of the country on the coast of the South China Sea, about 220 km from Ho Chi Minh city. Phan Thiet you see in web camera, is surprisingly attractive for its microclimate and the sea coast. There is beautiful coastal landscape with sandy beaches and dunes, as well as areas with plains running along the river.

Phan Thiet resort with webcam online, has two parts divided by the main river Sa Tu, with Trần Hưng Đạo Bridge, connecting these two districts.

Phan Thiet, which beach you see in a webcam, became a resort recently, only 20 years ago. The longest beach in the city is Tien Tan beach, which is not rich in tourist facilities. There are only hotels here. But in the neighboring settlement of Mui Ne there are shops, cafes, restaurants.

Thanks to constant climate, Phan Thiet you see in live footage, overtakes Hoi An and Nha Trang resorts.

Besides the excellent beach recreation, the guests of the resort that you see online meet a large number of historical and architectural sights. Here are the most interesting of them:

Water Tower is the key attraction of Phan Thiet in the webcam, built in 1934. For half a century the tower was used a water collecting and storing reservoir. An exterior of the building looks like a fortress.

Cham towers is a very interesting architectural complex, consisting of the 7th century buildings.

Another unique architectural sight is the 60-meter Ke Ga lighthouse, located on a miniature island.

Natural attraction of Fairy Stream or Fey’s Creek will please fans of nature recreation.

White sand dunes and Lotus Lake will be appreciated by real romantics.

Visit Ta Cu Mountain, 700 meters high, with a great observation platform with the outstanding view of Phan Thiet online, showing the most beautiful places of the city, including the 49-meter reclining Buddha statue.

If you like the sea and everything connected with it, then you should go to 5 km long Fisherman’s harbor and take a walk along it.


The resort of Phan Thiet, whose beach is shown by webcam, has no rainy season at all. Hot is a rare phenomenon. Usually the temperature ranges from +20 C – +35 C. Sea water is always comfortable, about +25 … + 30 C. Weather forecast in Phan Thiet for 7 days is available on our website online.

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