Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Königsberg , Rusia

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

In the center of Kaliningrad (former Königsberg), on the main square of the city, is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior that you see on our web camera online. The main Orthodox church of the city was built in 2006 by the architect Oleg Kopylov in the traditional Russian-Byzantine style. The white stone cathedral, you can see in our live stream, has three entrances, above which are mosaic medallion icons, the main one is decorated with the image of Christ the Savior, the southern one - John the Baptist and the northern one - the Blessed Virgin. In the basement of the stylobate is the lower temple, consecrated in honor of the icon of Christ the Savior. The upper cathedral church, consecrated in honor of the Nativity of Christ, holds more than three thousand people, the lower one was designed for four hundred parishioners.

The beginning of the construction of the main church of the city on our webcam is 1995, when the foundation for the construction was laid a capsule with the earth from the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior. 

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History of Kaliningrad

In medieval times, Königsberg was the seat of Prussia and until the 1940’s it was almost exclusively German. After WWII, the region was repopulated with Russians and Ukranians and the city was named Kaliningrad to emphasise that it now belongs to Russia, even though the region is not geographically connected to the Motherland. Now, the former glorious city of Prussia is a little-known city, drawing less than 500 000 visitors per year. This is unlucky, since Kaliningrad is truly a little known gem of Russia and the Baltics.

Königsberg Cathedral

Kaliningrad russian webcam online footage shows the main attraction of Kaliningrad - the Königsberg Cathedral. The foundation for the cathedral was laid in 1333. It was originally intended to serve as fortification as can be seen by its thick Eastern walls. Throughout the years, as more buildings and towers were added to the cathedral, it took on a mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles of architecture. The church was originally a Catholic church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Saint Adalbert, the patron saint of Bohemia, Poland, Hungary and Prussia.

The tomb of the philosopher Immanuel Kant

The Königsberg Cathedral is also home to Immanuel Kant’s tomb. Immanuel Kant was an important German philosopher whose transcendent ideas around perpetual peace later became the inspiration for the establishment of the predecessor of the United Nations. Immanuel Kant lived in Kaliningrad all his life (1724-1804), studied at the University of Kaliningrad and later became the rector of this key educational institution of the Kaliningrad region. The tomb is definitely worth a visit, if just to remind yourself of this vision of peace.

The Amber Museum

Another interesting attraction of Kaliningrad is its Amber Museum. The museum hosts a large exhibition of various specimens of amber. One part of its collection holds a fascinating curation of fauna and flora captured in amber. Visitors can buy souvenirs to remind them of the great amber art exhibits of this interesting museum.

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