Popular Uses for Streaming, Part 1

Like we’ve already mentioned in the previous posts, while live streaming may sound like an intimidating task, it doesn’t have to be. Things are getting continuously simpler, better and user friendly all the time, when it comes to live-streaming. Both companies and people are adopting the technology for their different needs. According to Pace, 2016 is the year when live streaming is really taking off, and, looking back on the first half of the year, there are reasons to believe that.

Now, there are countless ways to get started with live streaming. But let’s focus on uses for live-steram that are used more often and are proven to be the most successful. Those include

Sharing Live Events



Live broadcasting is a great way to reach an international audience. Live video broadcast lets you build a real buzz in social media. When thinking about the topics of live streams – your imagination is the only limit. That being said, there are fool-proof topics for live streams that are sure to attract viewers.

A good idea for streaming would be streaming meetings, conferences, training sessions and seminars. Any business and educational content is guaranteed to be interesting, relevant and generate a steady flow of viewers.

Same goes for any kind of entertainment services, such as concerts, events and sports. While a relatively niche type of events, community and religious public events are also popular and are proven to generate viewers from the people who couldn’t participate, but still want to feel connected.

Live discussions, news and political events, while already streamed by the event organizers, still can have untapped opportunities for streaming and is a sure way to generate views.




The easiest way to start streaming is to start vlogging. Because video production is not a lengthy process involving a lot of equipment that it used to be and it is becoming increasingly easy and streamlined to start streamlined to start sharing your thoughts with the world live. All you have to have is a camera and an idea what to talk about. It could be a chance to share your views, ideas or to simply share what you’re doing or how did your day go.

Today’s technology makes it so easy, that you won’t even need a PC for that – just take your smartphone, download an app and start streaming with just a push of a button. Knowing that more and more adults are spending their free time watching video – why not take advantage of the opportunities?

Conduct Training


Group Team

If you run a business or an educational platform, training conducted through live video is the next best thing to physically “being there”. You’d be surprised how many people turn out to be avid learners when the content is engaging. On top of that, it has some major advantages, such as the ability to reach a wider international audience and can be conducted by experts from different locations. Moreover, you can monetize your content and track employee engagement with the material. By using live streaming for education, you can get instant feedback from your viewers and host live Q&A sessions.

Product or Service Demonstration



If your business sells products and services, an effective solution would be to demonstrate what you sell through live unedited demonstration. This lets you share commercial and technical information easily, while connecting and building trust between you and your potential customer/partner base, because of the in-the-moment and unedited nature of a live demonstration. Successful businesses, such as Apple, have been using this method successfully for quite a while already, with amazing results.


The possibilities of streaming are far and wide, and with the rapidly improving technology, there will be more and more chances to implement streaming in the near future. Make sure to tune in next time for part two, when we will tell you about more uses for live streaming


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