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Torshavn in the webcam is the capital and largest settlement of the territorial autonomy of the Faroe Islands as part of the Danish kingdom. The city shown online is located on the southeast coast of the island of Streymoy (Strømø). To the north-west of Tórshavn in the live broadcast there is Mount Husarein (345 m), to the south-west – Kirkjubøur (350 m), between which the Sandoa River flows.

One of the smallest capitals in the world – Tórshavn in the web camera – is a quiet town, remembered by tourists, first of all, for its historical center with narrow winding streets and fabulous houses with turf roofs. Here, the smell of the sea and freshly caught fish is everywhere, and the harbor is filled with numerous colorful boats. Tórshavn in the online live camera is a major center of maritime trade and a hub port in the North Atlantic.

The city where the live broadcast comes from was founded in the 10th century, and got its name in honor of the god of thunder and lightning in Norse mythology – Thor (“Thor’s harbor”). The first inhabitants (Vikings) on the territory of modern Torshavn online settled the area in the online broadcast in the 9th century. Thanks to trade, the city actively developed in the 13th century. At this time, the Norwegian trade monopoly was established.

The heyday of the city of Torshavn in the webcam came in 1856, when the royal monopoly on trade was abolished, and free trade came to the Faroe Islands, where the online broadcast is conducted from. These changes contributed to the transformation of the economy and the emergence of the Faroe Islands in the world trade market. The city of Torshavn in this live cam became the capital of the islands in 1866, when a city council appeared on its territory. In 1909, Torshavn online received the status of a fair city in 1927 when a modern port was built here. It allowed large ships to enter the “Thor Harbor” in a webcam.

Currently, Torshavn, which you see in this web camera, perfectly combines modernity and the ancient culture of the descendants of the Vikings. On the territory of the city in the online cam, whaling is allowed: local residents consider the main and integral part of their history and culture.


Tórshavn, where the webcam is located, has a subarctic oceanic climate with slight temperature fluctuations between winter and summer, only 7 C. The city receives a lot of precipitation. It is one of the cloudiest settlements in the world. Even fewer hours of sunshine are observed only in the Aleutian Islands and individual islands in the south of Patagonia.

The weather forecast in the Faroe Islands for 7 days is available on our website online.

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