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Levi , Soome
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Levi Summit

Levi in web camera is one of the largest ski resorts in Finland. The height of Mount Levi in ​​the live broadcast is 531 m above sea level. The resort, shown in the webcam, has 48 ski slopes, among which there are trails for beginners and experts.

Levi, shown in real time, is one of only two ski resorts in Finland with a gondola lift. Due to its size, location and range of services offered, Levi online has been selected 4 times as the best ski resort in Finland.

The ski season in Levi with a webcam lasts from approximately mid-October to early June.

The resort, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is located in the western part of Lapland, at a distance of 160 km north of the Arctic Circle. Recognized many times as the best resort in Finland, Levi in ​​this live camera differs markedly from most of the traditional resorts in the country. It looks more like alpine ski centers with their compact buildings and developed infrastructure. Levy online is the venue for international slalom championships.

The extensive system of slopes of the ski complex in the live footage, which grows every season, covers the entire mountain: from the crown to the slopes covered with forest. Even an experienced skier will find it difficult to test all the slopes of the resort in an online camera in one day. The proximity of the ski lifts to the hotels allows you to make the most of your skiing time.

Levi, where the live broadcast is coming from, is comfortable for beginner skiers. There is a ski school on the territory of the center.

For professionals and amateurs of the intermediate level, better to choose the eleventh slopes with the G2 transition, the thirteenth group of slopes, as well as the area of ​​the fifth and sixth slopes. For those who are just taking their first steps in skiing, it is better to choose a group of eighth pistes (“family”), as well as an area with pistes 1, 2 and 3.

The resort in web camera has the most extensive network of snowmobile trails (over 600 km) and flat skis (over 230 km, of which 23 km are covered).

There are four free ski lifts in the center of the complex in the webcam for beginners and children. Ski passes can be purchased at the box office at the central ski lifts No 1-3, at the Gondola-2000, No 8 LevinSki and No 6 lifts.

The main rental point of equipment for skiers and snowboarders is located at the ski lift No. 1. In addition to it, there is another rental point in Levi online – at the Gondola-2000 and LevinSki lifts.

At the resort in the online camera there is a large sports and recreation complex and a mini-water park owned by a SPA hotel. A large number of restaurants, bistros, cafes, Alko wine shop, wine cellar, souvenir shops are scattered on the territory of the center. It is interesting to visit the large entertainment complex ” Hullu Poro Areena “, where popular groups and musicians perform and discos are held.

For children in Levi, where the webcam is located, there is an open-air playground. Here you can play, participate in sports, visit a ski school with a children’s instructor.

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