Vana sadam Marseille

Marseille , Prantsusmaa
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The metropolis captured on this webcam, has a rich history spanning over 26 centuries. On this cam online you can see the Port of Marseille and seaside region with the modern buildings, business centers and highway. 

Marseille is the largest suburban park in Europe and this live camera shows many trees across the city, creating an atmosphere of many leafy, tree-lined streets.

The Marseille region has a coastline of 57 km, parts of which can be seen here online on web camera. Marseille plays an important role in the French maritime industry. It is France’s leading cruise port with over a million passengers passing through each year. It is also a notably important freight port.

What to do in Marseille

Marseille is one of the largest cities in France and is considered one of the culture capitals of France. There are many monuments scattered in the online camera footage of Marseille. One of these is the Saint-Victor Abbey which hosts music concerts from time to time.

Marseille has its own Arc de Triomphe built to replicate the famous Parisian monument. It is not visible on the camera online, but can be found at Place Jules Guesde.

The Notre Dame de la Guarde is a beautiful basilica and one of the highlights of Marseille. Marseille is surrounded by hills as shown on camera online. On one of these hills, the Notre Dame de la Guerde stands tall and proud, looking over the city of Marseille. The basilica’s history spans 800 years. It started as a small hill-top monument and today it is a beautiful basilica with a sculpture of the Virgin Mary and Christ looking out over Marseille from the top of the Notre Dame de la Guarde’s main tower. There are several other important religious buildings in Marseille including the Basilique le Sacre-Coeur, Cathedral de la Major situated on the famous Place de la Major, and the Chapel Notre-Dame de Nazareth.

There are also a selection of castles and chateaus in Marseille that are worth visiting. One example is the Chateau Pastré. This 19th century building was previously known as the Chateau de Montredon and can be found in the Montredon suburb. It used to belong to a wealthy merchant family but it is now a Faïnce pottery museum. The grounds of the chateau are a public park and makes for a lovely visit.

The If Stronghold is also a very interesting site to visit in Marseille. Just like this webcam in Marseille, a beautiful panorama of Marseille can be seen from the top of this castle. It is situated just of the coast of Marseille. It used to be a crucial fortress before it became a prison which inspired to legendary novel by Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo.

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