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Baden-Baden , Saksamaa
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The webcam in Baden-Baden shows a picturesque miniature town, known far beyond Germany. The thermal springs brought great popularity to Baden-Baden in the online camera, the healing power of which was known to the ancient Romans in the 3rd century.

At the end of the 18th century, Baden-Baden, where the live broadcast is coming from, turned into the “summer capital of Europe”, where wealthy Europeans came to rest and improve their health.

Baden-Baden in online camera is not only a resort with mineral waters, but also a beautiful city with well-groomed streets winding between old buildings and parks. Fans of cultural recreation will love the theatre, the Philharmonic, the exhibition hall and the Palace of Festivals.

You should start your acquaintance with Baden-Baden online from the oldest and most famous gambling house in Europe – the Casino. The entrance here is open not only for gamblers, but also for tourists who want to get on an excursion. The casino is located in the old Kurhaus building.

There are a number of interesting sights in the vicinity of Baden-Baden, where the live stream is coming from. For example, Mount Merkur with a funicular and a hang-gliding platform, which offers a stunning view of the mountain ranges covered with dense forest – the Black Forest – Schwarzwald. The picturesque lakes Schluchsee and Titisee are also visible from the observation tower.

The obligatory vacation program in Baden-Baden, the center of which you see in the online camera, should include a visit to the Roman baths, as well as the modern baths of Caracalla and Friedrichsbad. In Trinkhalle you can taste the famous mineral water. It is important to note that it is not worth drinking a lot of this water, in large quantities it can be harmful to health.

Traveling around Baden-Baden in a webcam, it is interesting to visit one of the most expensive and popular museums in the city – the Faberge Museum. Russian collector Alexander Ivanov has put together a collection of diamond kinder surprises and other Fabergé pieces ahead of the Hermitage and the royal family.

Pay attention in Baden-Baden, which you see in the web camera, to the Lichtenthal Alley: along it there are the mansions of the most famous aristocratic families in the world. For 300 years the most expensive and fashionable outfits of Europe were demonstrated on this path, dressed on the most beautiful and wealthy people of the continent. Nowadays on this promenade it is easy to meet dukes, movie stars, businessmen walking slowly. Near the alley there is the famous Museum Frieder Burda.


The weather in Baden-Baden, which is shown in the live webcam, is favorable for a resort located on the continent. In spring and autumn, the city is dry enough. Therefore, the holiday season in Baden-Baden, shown in the online camera, lasts from spring to winter. It is never hot in summer, it often rains. The winter is dry with a little frost. The live streaming city has sunny 335 days per year. The trip will be comfortable in any month of the year. Weather forecast in Baden-Baden for 7 days is available on our website online.


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