Palaio Faliro. View from Poseidon hotel

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Paleo Faliro

The online live camera is located on the Poseidon hotel building in the Paleo Faliro district of the Greek capital Athens, opening the unique view of the real Athens Riviera online, the city of Piraeus, the islands of Salamis and Aegina. Nearby are the modern docks for yachts of Alimos and Flisvos, shops, banks, restaurants and bars.

The area of Paleo Faliro, which you see on web camera, is proud of its wide promenade, stretching along the coast. This is a popular walking place for locals and tourists. There is also a wide Poseidon Avenue running straight down to the famous Cape of Sunio, with the ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon.

Paleo Faliro in web camera, was considered the best place for mining clay for Athenian ceramics. The bay near the beach of Alimos has many legends: it is believed that here were found the remains of the Persian ships, suffered a defeat in the legendary Salamis battle. Perhaps, this legend will remain a legend, as during the excavations no evidence of that was found. But some traces of settlements related to the Bronze Age were found near the coast. Is a version – there was also the sanctuary of Aphrodite, described by the commander and geographer Pausanias.

In this suburb of Athens where there is the live broadcast comes from, there is a ship-museum Averof – Member of the Balkan wars of 1912-1913 for the liberation of Greece. Not far from there is reconstructed antique Greek warship, reminding that here was a first Athenian port operated until the harbor in Piraeus was built. Currently, here is the city beach of Athens you can see in live camera, surrounded by hotels and villas. Paleo Faliro online, is close enough to the city center of Athens, just 5 kilometers away. The boulevard of the district is tempting for tourists: souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes with dishes of delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

The gentle beach of Paleo Faliro in live footage – the only free playground in Athens, makes this resort especially attractive for families with children.


The capital of Greece Athens in the webcam, is one of the most ancient European cities, whose history counts several millenniums. In 1896 the first Olympic Games of the New Time were held here.

The center of the ancient city is the Acropolis with the ancient theater of Dionysus and Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Nowadays also there are performances, concerts and other cultural events. The temple of the Parthenon is the most majestic monumental building of the Greek Acropolis. Behind the Acropolis stretches Plaka, the oldest residential quarter of Athens which seaside you see online. There are many monuments of the ancient and Byzantine periods. In the north-west direction from the Acropolis there is the area of Monastiraki, still selling artisan shops since medieval times.

The administrative and tourist center of Athens in the webcam, is Syntagma Square (the Constitution). Here are located a beautiful building of the Old Royal Palace, hotels, cafes, banks and institutions. Towards the slopes of the Likavitos Hill – Kolonaki Square, a new cultural center with the Byzantine Museum, the Benaki Museum, the National Art Gallery, the Conservatory and the Concert Hall. To the south are the New Royal Palace, the National Park and the Great Panathenaic Stadium.

Now Athens in online footage, is not only a huge museum of ancient architecture, but also a large modern metropolis.


Athens showed live, are unique: they perfectly coexist with old things with products of modern and fashionable designers and affordable brands of clothing, footwear and accessories available at democratic prices. Want to save money – plan shopping from July to September – this is the total discounts season. But this is not about Greek furs: to buy a fur coat it is preferable to go to other cities of the country. On the street named Athenas good to buy delicious Greek souvenirs – feta cheese, olives and olive oil, Rakia and Metaxa honey.


In Athens, demonstrated in web camera, there are a lot of places with affordable prices for ordinary tourists. In local taverns and very small restaurants near the sea or in the city center you can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine, paying no more than 50 EUR for dinner of 2 persons. Outside the city or in the vicinity of Plaka you can have a good lunch for up to 30 EUR.


Athens online, is hospitable not only during the beach season – all year round. The climate of Greece is continental. In winter there can be heavy downpours, but this phenomenon is rare, therefore this time is popular for tours with excursion groups. Since April it is quite comfortable, but the sea is still cold. The swimming season opens in June and ends in mid-October. In summer it is quite hot here. Therefore, those who like the less sultry weather, visit Athens in the velvet season, which comes in mid-September.

The weather forecast in Athens for 7 days is available on our website online.

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