Puerto Chicama

Malabrigo , Peru
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Puerto Chicama beach

The webcam shows the famous Puerto Chicama beach (Malabrigo beach), located in the city of Puerto Malabrigo. The coast in live stream is a cult place for surfers – the length of just one wave on the beach in an online camera reaches 4 km!

The unique beach of Puerto Chicama in an online camera was discovered in 1965 by the Hawaiian surfer Chuck Shipman, who visited that place. Since then, the beach area in this web camera is a real Mecca for fans of this active sport.

The waves at the Puerto Chicama beach in live broadcast are divided into several sections. The very first of them is called Malpaso and it stretches for 150 meters.

At a wave height of 2 meters, which often appears here, you can cover the entire distance to the pier in one swim for 5 minutes.

In 2016, Chicama Beach, which you see online, became the world’s first state-protected surfing park.


Puerto Malabrigo

Puerto Malabrigo or as it is often unofficially called Puerto Chicama, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is a miniature coastal town in the northwest of Peru near the Pacific Ocean.

Malabrigo is famous for its coastline with the longest waves in the world, you can “catch” in this live camera.

The key place in the city where the online camera is located is Playa Malabrigo or Playa Chicama beach, shown in real time. You can see online how waves in the form of parallel steps are washed ashore. Real Perpetuum Mobile.

It is on the beach of Puerto Chicama in this webcam that the longest forward waves on Earth are formed. Wavelength is the distance traveled by its crest.

The distance of 4 km or more, mentioned above, the wave overcomes from the rocky Cape Malabrigo to the pier located on the shore.

Where do such unique waves on the beach online come from? All this is due to the combination of the cold Peruvian current (Humboldt Current) with the direction of the winds and the favorable angle of the rocky formations framing the beach. Following one after another, the waves form perfect rows of endless lines. As a rule, the wave height does not exceed 2 meters. Those less than 1 meter are slower and weaker.

All the way of wave of Puerto Chicama in this webcam be conventionally divided into several secti

ons. The starting “point” is at Cape Malabrigo and is called “Malpaso”. Passing 150-180 meters, there is a section “Keys”, with a length of about 600 meters. But rarely does anyone ride here. This is followed by the point “Point”, from where the wave travels about 1 kilometer. This is the best surfing spot. The culmination part stretches from the point “El Hombre” to the coast for 2 kilometers.

It happens that the winds blow towards the coast and the height of the ridges exceeds 2 meters. Then on one wave you can swim from “Point” to the coast. A professional surfer can cover the entire distance (more than 2 km) under favorable conditions “in one go” in 3-5 minutes. Until now, no one has managed to fully swim the distance of 4 km from the point “Malpaso” to the pier.

The best time to surf on Puerto Chicama Beach on this live stream is from June to September.

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