Santa Maria

Assoorid , Portugal

Santa Maria Island

The live camera shows the harbor located in the city of Vila do Porto on the Portuguese island of Santa Maria, the part of the eastern group of the Azores. The island with our webcam lies at a distance of 55 km from another island of the Azores archipelago - Sao Miguel.

Santa Maria, from where the online broadcast is conducted, is the oldest island of all the Azores. Its capital is the city of Vila de Porto, where our webcam is located.

The legendary navigator Christopher Columbus came to Santa Maria once.

The island, part of which you see in a live camera, has preserved numerous forts that were used to defend against pirate raids. The most popular are located in Vila do Porto, where we have our online camera and Praia Formosa.

In the list of interesting historical monuments in Santa Maria there are Аnjos village with the remains of the Nossa Senhora dos dos Аnjos chapel where Columbus and his sailors were prayed. Near the ruins there is a bronze statue of Columbus.

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Other attractions of the island with our online camera are: the Church of the Holy Spirit, ancient windmills and water mills, first settlers’ houses of the 15th century.

On the coast of Santa Maria with our webcam there are many resort towns: Praia Espirito, São Lorenco, São Pedro and many others.


In the Azores archipelago there are 9 islands located in the very center of the Atlantic Ocean, 1460 km from the shores of Europe.

The Azores has three groups: eastern (the islands of Sao Miguel, Santa Maria with our live broadcast and the small islands of Formigas), central (islands of Faial, Pico, which also has our webcam, São Jorge, Terceira and Graciosa) northwest (Flores and Corvo islands).

The Azores are a great place to relax, where it is easy to combine beach relaxation, eco-tourism and outdoor activities (diving, snorkeling, fishing).

The capital of the Azores archipelago is the city of Ponta Delgada on the island of Sao Miguel.

Azores is a paradise for divers and fans of the blue Ocean Institute. Of particular interest there is the whales and dolphins observation. Also there are rare jellyfish here.

The island of Santa Maria, which you see online, is the warmest of all the Azores. It is great walking and diving place like Sao Miguel Island.

The large island of Terceira is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are sulfur caves with geysers, and the volcano with the largest crater on the Azores.

The island of Pico, where there is also our online camera, is famous for its volcano 2351 m high. There is also an interesting museum of wine and a church of the 17-18 centuries.
A great dive site is located in the vicinity of Punta Topo village.

The islands of Flores and Corvo are the most unsafe in the archipelago: the weather is extremely changeable there.



The climate in Santa Maria is warm and favorable. In January, the average air temperature is +15 C, in July +22 C. Summer is hot, but not stuffy. Water in the ocean in summer reaches +21 ... + 23С, and in winter +17 ... + 20С. Weather forecast on the island of Santa Maria for 7 days is available on our website online.

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