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This online camera shows you the Bosporus Strait, washing the city of Istanbul online. The length of the strait separating Europe and Asia is 30 km, and in the widest part the gap between the banks is 3500 m, the narrowest place of the Bosporus you see in web camera, is 700 m.

Pier, which often meets tourists on the coast of the Bosporus (Bosphorus), which is well shown in webcam, located in the Karaka area. And Eminonu dock is the most frequently used point of departure for tourist ships from Istanbul, where the live stream goes from.

The flow of the Bosporus, where  online stream is conducted from, is often called “damn” because of its speed. It is known that in spring, when the Danube River flows, the speed of the strait increases dramatically. Also, in the depths of the Bosporus in this live camera, there is another current tending in the opposite direction.

Because of the rugged coastline of Bosporus in web camera, the strait is forming many lakes. Strait, well shown online, is surrounded by luxurious stone palaces and wretched shacks. In the narrow part of the Bosporus in the webcam, between Europe and Asia, at a distance of 5 km from each other, there are functioning bridges: the Bosporus bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.

Also, in the narrowest part of the strait in online web camera, there are two towers: Rumelihisarı (in parts of Europe) and Anadoluhisarı (in Asia). Rumelihisarı castle is a fortress built to conquer Constantinople, which, together with Anadoluhisarı was supposed to cut off the capital Byzantium from the Black Sea. Rumelihisarı means “cut throat”, that reflects the events of that time. In result of the Rumelihisarı fortress construction, it was impossible to pass through the Bosporus on a ship. Currently, the Museum of Artillery is located in this renovated tower. The fortress is also a venue for musical concerts.

The Anadoluhisarı Tower is a small-sized citadel built on the banks of the Bosporus, which is beautifully shown in live camera. Construction started by the order of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid during the first siege of Constantinople. The height of Anadoluhisarı is 25 m. There was a prison in that castle after Constantinople was captured. Nowadays, there is a museum in the Anadoluhisarı tower.

It is worth mentioning another important tower in Istanbul located near the Bosporus online – the Beyazıt Tower, where  live stream in conducted. The Beyazıt marble tower, erected during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II in 1823, is located on Beyazıt Square, in front of the university. As you can see for yourself in webcam, there is amazing panorama of Istanbul opens from Beyazit. Now the tower is an observant fire station. It has a curious feature, thanks to which citizens get information about the upcoming weather. If the tower is highlighted in blue, the weather the next day promises to be favorable. Green indicates – rain is possible. The yellow color of Beyazit signals the approach of fog. Red – warns of snow.


Istanbul with the web camera, is located on the subtropical climate zone border and is influenced by the northerly cold winds. Winter in the city brings the temperature from +3 C to +9 C. Sometimes in Istanbul it is below 0 C. Snow falls almost every winter. Spring and autumn are the most capricious times of the year with sudden temperature changes. The summer is hot, with an average temperature of 19 C – 28 C. Strong heat above 35 C is rare phenomenon.

Weather forecast in Istanbul for 7 days is available on our website online.


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