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Ski resort Kubínska hol’a

The ski resort “Kubínska hol’a ” in the webcam is located in the Žilina Region (Slovakia). For skiing and snowboarding on the territory in the live stream 13.5 km of tracks are available. 10 elevators transport guests. The winter sports area is located between altitudes from 720 to 1396 m.

In addition, the resort “Kubínska Hol’a” in the online camera has a lot of entertainment for the whole family. From freeride on racing tracks to a children’s school.

The big advantage of the resort in online broadcast is the south side of the ski slopes and the actual location of the Orava Magura mountain range. From here you have a breathtaking view of the entire Orava, the Low and Western Tatras, the Choč MountainsLittle Fatra (Malá Fatra) and Big Fatra (Veľká Fatra,)

Daily prepared ski slopes with a total length of 14 km make Kubinska Hol’a in the webcam an ideal place for an unforgettable skiing experience, both for individuals and families with children.

The ski park shown in the live camera is located among the beautiful nature of the Orava Maruga mountains and is one of the most visited winter sports centers in Slovakia. At an altitude of 720-1396 m on the south side, winter sports enthusiasts can find here a modern ski resort with a wide range of ski slopes with a total height of 676 m.

Dolný Kubín

Dolný Kubín, where the live broadcast is coming from, is a picturesque town located in the southwest of the Orava Region, near the Orava Mountain, on the border with Oravska Magura in Slovakia. It is spread out at an altitude of 468 meters. The Orava River flows through the middle of this area, dividing the city of Dolny Kubin in half.

Several archaeological artifacts and finds prove the existence of a prehistoric settlement in the area where the webcam is located. The first indirect written mention of Dolny Kubin dates back to 1323. In 1623-1633, the settlement received the rights of a city, and since 1683 it became a regional center.

The biggest heyday in Dolny Kubin in the online camera fell on the 19th century, especially in the cultural sphere. This city, like the entire region of Orava, can be safely considered the cultural core of the Slovak part of the former Kingdom of Hungary, with such famous personalities of both Slovak and European culture: Pavol Orshag Hviezdoslav, Andrei Radlinsky, Samo Halupka, Martin Hamulyak, Anton Bernolak, codifier the first standardized Slovak language, authors and writers Martin Kukuchin, Ladislav Nadashi-Jege and many others. Today Dolny Kubin in live broadcast is a lively, developing city.

The oldest cultural and historical monument of the city in the webcam is the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria with a tower of the 14th century. The main medieval city monument is Hviezdoslavovo námestie (Square of Hviezdoslav). Along its perimeter there are several Renaissance and Baroque civil houses.

There is an interesting Orava P.O. Hviezdoslav Museum in Dolny Kubin, where the online broadcast comes from. Hviezdoslav is the oldest literary museum in Slovakia, built at the beginning of the 20th century as the library of V. Chaplovich, whose book collections are still here.

Another interesting cultural attraction of the city in the webcam is the Memorial House of P.O. Hviezdoslav, which is located across the street from the P.O. Hviezdoslav. The poet Pavol Orsag Hviezdoslav lived, worked and died here in 1912. A memorial plaque is visible on its facade. Currently, the building houses the guest house Penzión u Hviezdoslava.

The colonnaded bridge in Dolny Kubin, the ski resort of which you see online, is one of the most popular attractions of the modern city in the webcam. It connects Bystrets district and the old town. A market with a similar architectural design is in close proximity.

Traveling around Dolny Kubina in a live broadcast, you should visit the permanent exhibition of traditional folk crafts, located on the Slanica Island of Art in the middle of the Orava dam. Also a curious attraction is a small wooden church in Leštiny. You can get acquainted with traditional furniture at the Memorial house of Martin Kukučin in Jasenová.

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