5 Tips for Traveling To Another Country

Travelling is so exciting! Following these 5 tips can make your trip so much more enjoyable. Whether you love traveling or hate it there is an element of stress that is often felt when traveling.  The stress comes from apprehension about the trip. With a little proper planning, you will be able to reduce your stress level and enjoy your trip!  These tips can help you to plan more effectively and be on your way.

Tip # 1-Check Your Weather in Real-Time

Most major cities and many small rural areas around the globe have “weather cameras” that you can view.  You should start taking a look about 2 weeks out from your departure date so that you can get a good feel for the weather and how you should pack.  You can get a lot more information from viewing than you can from most news agencies. Of course, you also get to take a look at your destination and see what it looks like in real time. Using these webcams to your advantage can help you to pack more efficiently and plan your trip more efficiently. Take a look right HERE to get a peek at what is happening in the Baltics then look for webcams for your destination.

Tip # 2-Gather Information About Your Destination

The more you know about your destination the better off you will be. Spend a little time educating yourself about the culture, dining traditions, customs and other relevant information that can shape your trip. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the local culture so that you can get the most out of your trip. For example, if it is traditional for shops and restaurants to close on Sundays, that is something that can affect your trip and you need to know.  Of course, you also want to be respectful of the cultural traditions and not insult anyone on your trip so a little research can really pay off.

Tip # 3-Fees, Charges, Exchange Rate and Other Money Considerations

Many travelers make the critical mistake of not considering the exchange rate when they travel. They will budget their money carefully but do not consider the exchange rate and are not prepared to deal with it. Another thing you should check is whether there are additional fees that you will be charged by customs at your destination.  You want to be sure that your credit cards/bank card will work in your country of destination.  Call your bank or your card issuer and ask. Many times a bank card or credit card will not work in overseas locations. Checking before you leave is a very good idea.

Tip # 4-Mobile Phone Coverage

In today’s high-tech world most people rely heavily on their mobile phone. Most of the major carriers will work in overseas locations but some will not or they will at a very expensive rate. Many carriers just do not provide service in certain countries. You have two options – pay the higher rates that your carrier charges or consider getting a “burner” phone that you can use on your trip and then get rid of after you are done with your trip.  Buying a cheap phone at your destination may be a more affordable option.  Call your carrier before you head out to ensure that you will have a mobile to use while on your trip. Planning ahead can keep you from scrambling around trying to find a phone at your destination. A lot of international travelers buy a prepaid phone for their country of destination and phone cards ahead of their trip online where it can be purchased for less.

Tip # 5-Printing Documents, Checking for Documents

You will want to print all the documents that you need like lodging reservations, itineraries, and other pertinent documents. It is always better to be safe than sorry. While e-tickets and e-reservations usually do not cause any issues BUT you do not want to be the traveler that is standing at the counter arguing with the clerk because they have no record of your reservation. It takes a few minutes to print out pertinent information and stick it in an envelope to carry with you.  Of course, you also want to check to make sure that you have your valid passport, any visa’s or other documentation that is required by your country of destination. Being prepared and having all your documents in one easy to access place can help to expedite your travel time and ensure your reservations are upheld if there is any question.

Easy Travel

Following these tips will help you to travel easier. You will have the confidence and the peace of mind knowing that you have planned and prepared for a great trip that will go smoothly.  A little extra planning goes a long way in reducing stress and anxiety about travel. Follow the tips and have a great trip!


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