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Riga , Latvia
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Riga Panorama

Web camera online is opening a beautiful view to Old Riga town, historical part of Riga – capital of Latvia. With the population of 696 593 people, Riga in the online camera, is the largest city of all the Baltic States and the third largest in the whole region of the Baltic Sea. As the capital of Latvia, it is the political, economic and the cultural center of Latvia. Riga you see in live broadcast, has grown to be a popular tourist destination in recent years. Besides the extensive recreation opportunities, the history of Riga in the webcam, manages provides a wide range of tourist attractions that showcases its rich heritage which can be seen via Riga live cam.

The history of Riga

Riga, where there is live stream comes from, was born from a sheltered harbor and played an important role in the Vikings’ trade route. With the Christianization of Latvia, Bishop Albert of Livonia was appointed as bishop over Riga. He was responsible for the fortification and development of the town. In 1282, Riga online, formed part of the Hanseatic League, a move that was instrumental in providing the city with economic and political stability which can still be observed in modern times. Still, from the 1500’s to the early 20th century, the city of Riga demonstrated in web camera, was passed around between various countries, including Lithuania and Poland as well as Sweden and Russia in more recent historical times. After WW1, Riga was casted under German rule which lasted until the end of WW2 when it was recaptured by the Soviet army. Latvia became independent in 1990 and became an increasingly popular tourist destination.


Riga’s Old Town

Having been established in 1201, its rich history and cultural heritage manifests itself in different ways and there is no doubt that Old Riga you see in live cam, is a part of the city that holds a special kind of beauty. Many places that marks the beauty and significance of the old town can be seen via webcam Riga such as the Riga Cathedral Square and Līvu Square to name but a few. A scenic view of the narrow streets of Old Town can be enjoyed through the Riga web camera online. Riga’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its architecture is characteristic of Art Nouveau and 19th century wooden architecture.

A panorama of Riga

Taking a look at the panorama of Riga with the camera online above it shows that this city keeps something truly beautiful within its borders. It is not a surprise that Riga showed online, is well known all over the world to be a popular tourism destination. The stunning views of Riga’s cathedrals in the front and modern skyscrapers in the background show that Riga embraces the old and the new with equal fervour. The HD webcam Riga shows the wide Daugava River with many bridges connecting the two banks of the river. Towering spires reflect in the water, creating the impression that the old heritage of the city is still very much alive.

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Day of Proclamation of Independence the Republic of Latvia

On November 18 Latvia celebrates very important holiday – Day of Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia. Usually on this day locals find a lot of festive events. The event starts in the first half of the day: the solemn procession and laying flowers at the Freedom monument in Riga center, that you can see on our web camera online. The capital meets the country’s Day of Proclamation of Independence with concerts, a military parade and gala salute on 11th November embankment, which can demonstrate our online webcam. The public transport in this day in Riga – for free!