Daugavpils Unity Square – View from Latgola Hotel

Daugavpils (Dünaburg) , Latvia
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Daugavpils (Dünaburg)

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Daugavpils Unity Square

Daugavpils in this online camera is the second largest city in Latvia after Riga, and much like the largest city, Daugavpils is rich in history and cultural legacy. However, the city in the live footage, is so unique that the difference between it and the capital of the state is instantly recognizable, which can be seen upon observing the view from the Daugavpils live camera of the Unity Square.

Unity Square comes to life

The Unity square which you see in a webcam, much like the city, has gone through a lot of changes and countless events but has always remained the center of the city’s social and cultural life. Unity square, showed well in the live stream, is surrounded by the most important features of the city: Unity House, Dubrovin Park, and the prestigious Park Hotel Latgola. Numerous concerts and fairs take place here in Unity Square in this web camera, during the summer, while the city Christmas tree is installed in winter. In winter, the HD webcam Daugavpils shows Unity Square under snowy conditions, while the square flourishes in the summer times with an array of colorful flowerbeds.

Unity House

The Unity House, that you also can see well in a live camera, is the most prominent feature of the Daugavpils Unity Square online. It was built in the 1930’s and was designed by the architect, Verners Vitands. At the time, it was one of the most modern multifunctional buildings in Europe. It houses the Daugavpils theatre, the Latvian Cultural Centre, the Latgalian Central Library along with a bank, bookshop, fitness club and more.

Dubrovin Park

Dubrovin Park is visible from Unity Square on this Daugavpils live camera. It is nestled between Rigas and Parades streets. Pavel Dobrovin, who was the city mayor from 1876 to 1890, supported the development of this large park. The park features a lovely fountain and bronze figure monument celebrating its creator. The park also features a memorial for Soviet Army soldiers, which was erected during Soviet times. Dubrovin Park is a lovely resting place for residents and tourists. In summer, the fountain provides a respite from the heat and in the evening visitors can enjoy a water and light show.

Daugavpils University

The Daugavpils University can be seen from the live web camera also – it is further evidence of the city’s prominence not in only in economy and culture, but also in the field of education. The university you see online, was founded in 1921 and is the largest regional state university and also the only university in Eastern Latvia, again showing Daugavpils importance in the education sector of Latvia. The university has 53 study programs and does prominent research in the fields of Literary Science, Linguistics, History, Biology, Sciences, Physics, Economy, Sociology, Psychology, Education, and Art.

Undoubtedly, the city with the web camera, can attract anyone with its beauty and uniqueness, and the view of the Unity Square, as seen from the Daugavpils web camera online, with its parks, blue spruces, tramway lines and historical buildings is clear evidence to that.

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