The Narrow Streets of Old Riga

Riga , Latvia
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Streets of Old Riga

Old Riga in this webcam, also known as Old Town and Vecrīga is the oldest part of Riga, located on the right bank of the Daugava River. This part of the capital of Latvia is limited by a quarter of such streets as: 11 November Embankment, 13 January Street, Krišjaņa Valdemara Street, Aspazisijas and Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica boulevards.

The old center of Riga, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The streets of Old Riga, one of which is shown in the online camera, have a fabulous charm, some of them are real attractions themselves. One of these streets is Jāņa in this web camera, one of the oldest streets. It has an extraordinary charm and a unique cozy atmosphere that can enchant any passer-by: be it a resident of Riga or a guest of the capital, where the live stream is coming from.

However, the street in live camera was not always a small street like it is today. Until 1215, Jāņa Street, which you see in the online camera, was part of the fortress, which beloged to the territory of the first bishop’s courtyard. After the destruction of this part of the city by fire, the territory was transferred to the Dominican order, who built the St. John’s Church. At that time, today’s real-time Jāņa Street was called Black Monks Street (after the color of the Dominicans’ clothes). In the 14th century, it was renamed in honour of the St. John’s church, and later translated into Latvian and turned into Jāņa Street, provided to you by the webcam.

Nowadays, Jāņa Street ( Jāņa iela) is a great example of a typical narrow street in Old Riga, which is broadcasted live. Just like other similar streets, Jāņa Street, shown online, is filled with a unique atmosphere of tranquility, originality and comfort, which, together with its rich history, makes it a magical place for tourists and residents of the city.

Another interesting and very picturesque street in the Old City – Jauniela, is a small street 225 m long. It was here that the most popular Soviet film about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson was filmed. The apartment of the great detective was located in a small nook behind the red one-story house on the left. There are no signs and information on the building, so it is easy to pass by without noticing a small but such an important attraction for a tourist from Russia.

The narrowest street in Riga where the live broadcast is coming from is Rozena Street. An interesting fact: in the Old City there are no lanes, even the smallest passage between houses, to the opposite walls of which you can easily touch with your hands apart, is called a “street”.

Riga, the center of which you see in the online camera, was a typical medieval city. Many streets of the Old Town have retained their direction and even their name since the 13th century. There is an opinion that the streets of Old Riga in this webcam arose from the roads connecting the villages. Archaeological excavations confirm that the streets were covered with wood, but in some places there was also dolomite covering. In 1413, the Town Hall Square, paved with stones, was built, although street paving did not begin until the 18th century.

During the early Middle Ages, cattle were kept in the city at night and driven out to pasture during the day. Later, suburbs appeared, which led to the fact that cattle began to be kept in the city. So it became necessary to change the names of some streets: Cūku, Siļķu and others. But in order not to change the entire street name plate, tried to replace only some letters. This is how Cūku Street became Peldu Street (Swyne – Schwim).

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