Liberation Square – View from Latgale Hotel

Rezekne , Latvia
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Liberation Square

Rezekne, demonstrated in the web camera, on pair with Daugavpils, is a cultural and historical center of Latgale. This region has played a crucial role in establishing Latvia as an independent state. Due to that, a monument has been built at the Liberation Square online, that represents the importance of Latgale in the fight for independence.

The laying stone has been laid as early as 1930, though the project, which results are seen now, has been developed only in 1934. The composition in the webcam, is compiled from 3 key elements: a young man tearing a chain – a common trope a lot of Latvian monuments, which symbolises the fight for Independence of Latvian people; the “People’s Daughter” that has fallen down on her knees praying and a young woman with a cross and arms raised to the sky, which symbolises the idea of an independent Latvia.

During the course of its history the monument in the live camera, has lived through a lot. It was close to destruction during the World War II several times, before being eventually demounted in the 1950s. However, it was restored just in time – in 1992, after the restoration of Latvian independence. The monument “All for Latvia” in the webcam, or its national name – Mara, that now represents the newly restored Republic, reminds the citizens of Rezekne, Latgale and the whole Latvia about its history and the meaning of the whole region.


Rezekne, where the live broadcast is coming from, is the seventh largest city in the country, the cultural capital of the Latgale region and one of the four historical regions of Latvia. Rezekne is located in a picturesque valley between the two highest mountains and the two largest lakes in Latvia (Raznas and Lubanas).

In the city, the center of which you see online, ancient architectural structures have been well preserved till nowadays, especially there are many churches and temples of different denominations. Rezekne in the webcam is considered to be one of the most multinational and cosmopolitan cities in Latvia, which is reflected both in the architecture and in the variety of national dishes and cultural events.

Most of the buildings in the city where the online camera is located were destroyed almost to the ground during World War II, but there are some that have survived to this day. On the territory of Rezekne, where the live stream is conducted from, there are many monuments and Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches.

The most famous landmark of the city is the ruins of Rositten Castle on the mountain. The citadel was built in 1285, becoming the first stone structure in Livonia. The fortress was periodically raided, and it was also conquered several times. The Russian Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible was also here. In 1656 the fortress was destroyed by the Swedes. This is how we see it today.

There are two famous monuments in Rezekne: Latgales Mara in the online camera, erected in honor of the liberation of Latgale; a monument to Anton Kukois, a famous Latvian writer, artist, director and actor, it is located in front of the Latgale Museum of Culture and History.

Among the religious attractions in Rezekne in this web camera, the first place is taken by the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is located in the historical center of the city on Latgale Street and is decorated with colored stained-glass windows and carved altars.

Another no less remarkable temple in the city where the online live camera is located is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity. It was originally built of wood in 1886, but later, when the wood fell into disrepair, in the 1930s it was rebuilt using red brick. In the past, its building housed a film distribution, and now the church again hosts services and concerts of sacred and classical music.

Rezekne Green Synagogue is of great interest – the only wooden synagogue in Latvia that survived the Second World War. It works nowadays. There is also an exhibition dedicated to the history of Jews in Latgale and Jewish traditions.

Next to Latgales Mara in the webcam there is the Orthodox Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, not far from it there is the Roman Catholic Church of the Sorrows of the Mother of God, and at the Old Believer cemetery there is an Old Believer prayer house of St. Nicholas with the largest bell in Latvia.

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