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Riga , Latvia
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The Freedom Monument

Online web cam introduces The Freedom Monument of Latvia. Is located near the old town of Riga, capital of Latvia. It is surrounded by the Freedom Monument Square online, which is a part of the Freedom Boulevard, the main street of the city. It is, without a doubt, the single, most important symbol of the independence of Latvia and it is a devoted to those, who lost their lives in the independence fights of Latvia.

The monument you see in live camera, that was unveiled in November 18, 1935 is one of the main tourist attraction points in Riga, because of its significance, location and size. Over the years, the Freedom Monument Square has become to be a popular meeting place.

The most remarkable part of the monument is “Milda”: a women body showed in live footage, that stands on the top of the obelisk, holding three stars in raised hands. Each of the three stars symbolises one of Latvia’s historic and cultural regions: Courland, Vidzeme and Latgale. The full composition is formed from 13 different sculptures and Bas-reliefs. Each of them features a part of Latvia’s history and culture.

This monument online, is built from red and grey granite, copper, reinforced concrete and travertine.

The Freedom Monument Square demonstrated in live broadcast, is a part of Freedom Boulevard between Aspazijas Boulevard and Raina Boulevard, which is closed for transport since 1990. Since then the approximately 200 metres long Freedom Monument Square online, is opened only for pedestrians and cyclists. Its location makes it the connection between the Old Town of Riga and the rest of the city.

Symbols of the monument

As mentioned before the full composition of the monument in the webcam, consists of 10 different sculptures and bas-reliefs. The composition uses different symbols to reflect the history and culture of Latvia. Understanding of these symbols provides a better overall understanding of the importance of Freedom Monument of Latvia where there is live stream comes from.

Latvia: Mother Latvia is placed in the centre of the monument online, holding a sword in the right hand in from of her body, that protects the shield of Homeland. In the left hand Mother Latvia holds a sheaf of crops, that is the symbol of work, daily bread and wealth.

Chain tearers: On the other side of the monument in the webcam, Chain tearers are located. Three musclemen are tearing apart chains, that have held them enslaved. This sculpture clearly symbolises the fighting for freedom.

“Lāčplēsis”: On one of the side of the monument in the online camera, the Latvian national epic Lāčplēsis fights a bear. As he holds the bear by its jaw it is clear, who is winning this fight.

Vaidelotis: Sculpture of another fictional figure is located at the other side of the monument in live camera. Here Vaidelotis, a character from the epic poem “Lāčplēsis” holds a lute and a young man with a sword is down on one knee besides him. In the epic poem “Lāčplēsis”, Vaidelotis reveals a significant weird, that symbolises the upcoming fight for freedom.

Surroundings of The Freedom Monument

The view of the camera also allows us to see the famous Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia, which is best know simply as hotel “Latvia”. The complete construction height of the 27 story hotel is 98,26 metres. The 24 000 m2 total living space makes it the biggest hotel in the country.

The noteworthy hotel proves that The Freedom Monument of Latvia in the live footage, is located in a place, that is surrounded by everything, that guest of the city could be interested in.

Also the famous Laimas Clock, which was built in year 1924, is located just a few meters from the monument online. The clock is best knows as the cities most popular meeting place.

Day of Proclamation of Independence the Republic of Latvia

On November 18 Latvia celebrates very important holiday – Day of Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia. Usually on this day locals find a lot of festive events. The event starts in the first half of the day: the solemn procession and laying flowers at the Freedom monument in Riga center, that you can see on our web camera online. The capital meets the country’s Day of Proclamation of Independence with concerts, a military parade and gala salute on 11th November embankment, which can demonstrate our online webcam. The public transport in this day in Riga – for free!


Baltic Live Cam does not only show live and time-lapse footage of Cathedral Square in Riga online, but it also shows other beautiful and historical sites in Riga, such as Līvu Square and Unity Square as well as the ancient St Johns Church, via cameras online.

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