Līvu Square

Riga , Latvia

Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia

On November 18 Latvia will celebrate very important holiday – Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia. The 99th anniversary of Latvian Independence Day will be full of events. The celebration will begin in the first half of the day and will be opened with a solemn procession and flower tribute at the Freedom Monument. Riga will meet Independence Day with concerts, military parade and a salute on the 11 November Embankment. Public transport in Riga on November 18 is free of charge!

This Riga live camera shows the Līvu Square in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The Līvu Square has quite a sad history as it was built in an area that once housed the ruins of buildings that were destroyed during the Second World War. In 1950, the desolated area was rebuilt to form the Philharmonic Square. In 2009, the square was renamed to its current name – Līvu square. The square is situated on the edge of Riga’s Old Town and is a welcome resting place for businessmen and tourists alike. Numerous cafés with provide outdoor dining during the summer months. In winter months the square serves as an ice-skating rink. The square is decorated with beautiful flower beds shaped like waves as a reminder that part of the Riga River still runs underneath the square. The square has a lively atmosphere throughout the year and is worth a visit.

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The Riga web camera showcases the eclectic mix of architectural styles surrounding the square. Medieval guild houses, art nouveau and modern style buildings capture the history of this well-known square. The most notable buildings are the Great and Small Guild Houses, the Cat House and the Riga Russian Theatre.

With the Riga Philharmonic Orchestra housed in the Great Guild House and the Russian Theatre group in the Michael Chekhov Russian Theatre, the Līvu Square is a hive of cultural activities. The Great Guild House concert hall hosts important events to promote the symphony orchestras of Latvia. New music by Latvian composers is premiered in this beautiful and historic building. The Russian Theatre is named after the famous Academy Award nominated Michael Chekhov, who has also developed acting techniques used by other well-known actors. The building was founded in 1883 and the performances held in this theatre had to be adapted several times due to the Russian Revolution, the Latvian War of Independence and the Soviet occupation of Latvia. After the re-establishment of the Latvian independence, the theatre could once more perform a variety of plays without restrictions.

The famous Cat House is an art nouveau house that was built in 1909 by a wealthy Latvian merchant and is decorated with cats on its turrets. Rumour has it that the Great Guild refused the owner membership and that he ordered the cats to be constructed with their tails facing towards the Great Guild House as an act of revenge. After a long battle in court, he was ordered to turn the cats around to face towards the Guild House to avoid further offence.

The Līvu Square is but one of Riga’s many beautiful and historic sites that have been captured by a camera online. Take a virtual stroll through the Līvu square with the live web camera online or visit other parts of Riga online. There are several webcams in Riga showing off its splendour. Through HD webcams in Riga, you can view beautiful renderings of other squares such as the Freedom Monument Square and the Riga Cathedral Square. Online cams can also take you on a tour of the narrow streets of Riga’s Old Town.