Riga Cathedral and Cathedral Square

Riga , Latvia
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Riga Cathedral, Cathedral Square

The Riga Cathedral on Cathedral Square you see in web camera, is located in the heart of the Old Town of Riga and can be seen via online web camera footage. It is one of the biggest sacral buildings in Northern Europe and the biggest church in Latvia. The spire of the church reaches in the air for 90 meters and rises above other buildings in the Old Town of Riga which features prominently on Riga web camera online streams. This magnificent building in combination with the beautiful Cathedral Square cannot be missed.

The building of the Cathedral

The size of the cathedral online, along with its heritage makes this place one of the best-known tourist attraction points in the city. The foundation stone of this important cultural building was laid in 1211 by Bishop Albert. In 1215, the building of the cathedral in webcam, started in earnest. At that time it brickwork replaced the use of natural stone and stone blocks were only used in the outer corners of the building. The building was built in a simple Romanesque style. Initially, it was planned to build the cathedral in the form of a basilica, but in the end, it was constructed as a hall church. At the beginning of the 15th century, the Riga Cathedral in the live camera, was enlarged with a new cross-nave and side chapels which transformed the churched into the basilica that it was meant to be.

During this same time, tower walls were raised and a tall gothic spire was constructed. This spire was damaged during the great fire in Riga and had a new tower was built along with two galleries. The cathedral roof you also see in live footage, was damaged when Riga was sieged in 1710 and was replaced by a lovely Baroque roof. Between 1775 and the 20th century, many rebuilding efforts took place until the Cathedral took its form that it has today.

The Riga Cathedral Organ

The Cathedral of Riga in the live stream, is well known for its remarkable organs. Built in 1883-1884, it is one of the world’s most valuable historic organs. It has 6719 pipes of different sizes placed on 26 wind chests. The pipes are made out of a variety of materials such as pine, fir, maple, oak, beech and different metal alloys. The longest pipe is 10 m long while the shortest is 12 mm long.

Besides the organ, some of the most prominent features of the interior of the cathedral are the stained glass windows. They were installed into the gothic-style windows in the late 19th century. The windows show different scenes from the history of the cathedral online.

The Riga Cathedral’s Role in Latvia’s Cultural Life

While the Riga Cathedral, Cathedral Square in the live broadcast, has a rich history, it continues to follow the times and along with regular ministrations, different concerts of classical and contemporary music are held in the cathedral. The Riga Cathedral in the online camera, plays an important role in creating the cultural life of Latvia. Throughout the year the Cathedral Squarein the webcam,  holds different events that welcome local people as well as visitors to the city to return here in order to enjoy art and culture. At night, as shown on Riga live camera, Cathedral Square lights up with a myriad of street lanterns.

In winter, the HD webcam Riga footage shows this beautiful building in a mysterious snowy atmosphere. During Christmas, all visitors of the Cathedral Square are welcomed to partake in the traditional Christmas fair with special events that takes place inside the cathedral and also in the square outside.

Baltic Live Cam does not only show live and time-lapse footage of Cathedral Square in Riga online, but it also shows other beautiful and historical sites in Riga, such as Līvu Square and Unity Square as well as the ancient St Johns Church, via cameras online.