Ventspils – View from hotel Dzintarjūra

Ventspils (Windau) , Latvia
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Ventspils (Windau)

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The city of Ventspils in the webcam, was founded in the 13th century by the knights of the Teutonic Order on the shore of the Baltic Sea. The city online, acted as a port city, which played a strategic role in both the military and trade. Because of that, Ventspils you see in live camera, was included in the Henseatic League, as a city that played an important role in the trading between the Baltic countries. Ventspils in this online footage, also had a very strategically advantageous position – in the mouth of Venta, but relatively close to the capital.

Even though Ventspils with the webcam, has an unfriendly climate, nowadays the city is a very popular tourist destination, hanks to the access to the Baltic sea and numerous forests, parks and lakes, all of which take up the biggest part of the city. That’s why Ventspils, showed live, is famous for it’s crystal clean air. Each park in Ventspils , where the online broadcast comes from, has its’ own theme – be it an ethnographic museum, bicycle route or an peculiarly looking fountain. Ventspils is one of the fastest developing cities in Latvia, which also is one of the secrets to he popularity among the tourists.

The fountain in the stream online, is called “Valzivis” (“Whale”), which consists of 29 elements, that create an unique effect of light, fog and water. The idea belongs to the German architect David Cook. The fountain is named in honor of the famous Duke Jacobs’ ship, which acted as a prototype and the source of inspiration for the fountain design.

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