11 November Embankment

Riga , Latvia

11 November Embankment - one of the most well-known streets and one of the most important transport network nodes in Riga. Just like the city itself, the embankment has been developing with the course of time. At first, as a dock, but later, in the 13th century, the Riga Castle was built (today - the Presidential estate), which was a catalyst for the further development of the area.

The territory started to develop even more in the end of 19th and the beginning of the  20th centuries, when the famous architects of that time had constructed the majority of the buildings of the embankment - one of the aspects that make it so unique. After it was named the boulevard of 11 November in 1934, honouring the battles of November of 1919 during the war for independence, the embankment became an important historical part of the city, but, unfortunately, was almost completely destroyed during the retreat of the German army.

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Apart from the Riga Palace, there are a few notable sightseeings, such as the house of the Artists’ Union, Statue of Big Christopher and the statue of the fighters of 1905 revolution.

11 November Embankment is not only a picturesque promenade but is also an important transport network node of Riga, there are two bridges connected with it - Suspension Bridge and Stone bridge, as well as a very important street for the transport connection - Krasta street. The 11 November embankment is undeniably the gateway to any place in Riga.

All of that makes it a unique place, where the historical legacy and a prominent practical use.