Solution for Event Holders

Are you an event organizer and you seek to attract new audiences and attention to your event? Then our solution is the best possible way to go, as we provide the possibility that is rarely used throughout the Baltic region. Whatever it is that you are planning, a charity event, a concert or an exposition, there are certainly from one to several dozen places that provide the perfect observation angles.

With streaming in operation, you are able to use it for security reasons or, if you are a charitable organization or provide a free event, let people from anywhere in the world watch the event live, so that they would have the opportunity to get acquainted with what you want to offer and make sure that they will experience the event first-hand later.

In order to boost the popularity of the event, we also provide the full recording and the high definition time-lapse video – a unique way of recapping all-day-long occasions in just a few minutes and using it as an advertisement for the next event.  

If you would choose to allow to watch the event live streaming to anyone from all over the world, we will provide the stream for your website and, if you so choose, a special live stream page for the event and promotion through our blog and social networks.

We have already provided live streaming of such events as the exposition in Riga, which can be seen on our YouTube channel, as well the City Holiday of Daugavpils.

Sounds intriguing? See for yourself, try our event streaming service as soon as possible! Contact us now by filling out the form below for more description and the best innovation in today’s internet marketing!

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